really need some advice

we are moving to a new location and I am SOOO excited, better parking, beer and wine and larger dining room
here is a few pictures along with a floor plan … ew%20shop/
anyone know a good place to get some advice on seating and layouts? how many booths are optimal? I would love to incorporate a salad bar, Is there a company that specializes in this?

Try George Mills or Joe Mills @ J & G Mills Equipment. George posts here often and I have sitting on my desk a layout that they just completed. Good Luck
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Nice space with potential. I love the wavy ceiling. I would also say find a qualified layout designer to maximize your use of space. With the dining area only 19’ wide… the first idea that came to my mind was using one continuous bench along that long outside wall with chairs on the other side of the tables. It seems you lose a lot of space with true double sided benches and you will quickly eat up the space you have to use. I would then say tables and chairs along the other wall and down the middle. You can space out 4 tops and a couple of 6 tops in the middle and always have the option to put them together as needed. This would give you bench and chair options for your customers and not be locked into a fixed design that you cannot alter easily. Also by using one bench along that wall you will not cut the room into little bench cubicles and the length will give the impression of more space. I also had an off the wall idea… the little brick halfwall between the dining and the kitchen… extend the top and add a couple of bar stools for a “chef’s table” in the kitchen…or at least a view. Not sure if it would work or just be out of place. Good luck with the new shop…make sure we get pics of the finished layout.

I’d think most restaurant supply houses would have an in-house design team to assist you free of charge. I know that Serv-U over near me does both kitchen, and front of house design anyway…seems like the others would as well.

Regardless…good luck and best wishes with your move! It’ll be worth the hard work!

Thanks Bill b for the recomendation;

Hi Rockstar:

WE can do a floor plan for you and if you like it we can do a plumbing and electrical rough in plan plus a ventilation and air balance pan.

We have done plans for and equipped hundreds of pizza shops nation wide.

Contact us if interested.

George Mills

George, you do any work with meat packing outfits? Small processing, curing type place that doesn’t do slaughter?

Sorry Nick:

We have never planed that type of facility.

Thanks for asking.

George Mills