Really need to talk: Quik Order & Speedline

All right, corporate PHs use “SUS” for their POS and we have to use QuikOrder to make it all happen online. I handle the QuikOrder side, but we are not a corporate store, and at our many Huts we use “Speedline”. The POS is really nice, but it works really badly with QuikOrder and takes a lot of time. I was just wanting to pick someone’s brain about various aspects of this relationship and figure out how others with the same two systems do certain things.

Hi. I’ve heard about some challenges Pizza Hut users have had with QuikOrder’s custom interface to SpeedLine.

A number of web ordering companies send online orders to SpeedLine – typically through the SpeedLine OrderLink Gateway interface. The QuikOrder integration for Pizza Hut is unusual in that it is the only one that does not use OrderLink Gateway. Instead, several years ago, QuikOrder built a custom interface between Pizza Hut and SpeedLine that we are confined to work within.

QuikOrder recently finished a separate integration, via OrderLink Gateway, for another SpeedLine customer, but they have not yet replaced the old interface for Pizza Hut.

We are talking regularly with Pizza Hut corporate and QuikOrder to make sure we continue to support all the functionality required for Pizza Hut’s online and mobile ordering strategies. Unfortunately though, because QuikOrder is not using OrderLink Gateway in this instance, we have no control over menu management or order processing on the site.

I’m not sure which franchise group you work with, but if you’d like to give me a call, I’d be happy to put you in touch with some other PH users to exchange ideas.

Jennifer Wiebe
888-400-9185 ext. 2217