Really weird employee issue

So i had this employee that worked for me about 6 months ago. He didnt work for me long, about 3 months. He was an ok worker, i liked him just fine, but he would ask for time off quite frequently. Not like a day off, it would be like 2 weeks off to goto willy nelsons mansion or 1 week off to goto the electric light forest. He also called in some, about 5 days in the 3 months he worked for me. One Friday he was saying his back hurt so i sent him home super early and told him to rest up because we were short handed and i needed him. The next day i get a call and its him, he is super sick and cant work. I start off cool and tell him ill fill his shift then i look at the time and its 30 minutes before work starts and i loose my cool. I end up saying ill fucking work his shift and hang up. My phone rings immediately and i answer to a lady saying she was his mother ( hes 24 btw) and she heard me swearing etc… I do not remember 100 percent the conversation with her but I at first hung up on her saying im not talking to you. She called back and we had some form of an argument. I told her that her son has missed a ton of work to which he started protesting in the background(assume i was on speaker) and it got him reinvolved in the conversation. She chastised me for swearing and i realized i needed to calm down and said i was sorry for swearing. I asked her to put her son back on the phone and told him its fine ill work his shift. His mom was protesting saying he would be treated poorly at work from now on and i told her no. I would treat him the same as always. We hung up and i started feeling bad for swearing. I tried calling him back but he wouldnt answer. I sent him a text saying i was sorry and wanted to apologize but not via text. He said i could apologize to him and his mom some time when he fealt like it. He never showed back up and i mailed him his final check and just kind of forgot about it. Today is about 6 months since then. I get a message that a guy wants to talk to me about his son. I call the guy and it is this employees father. He says i think you owe my sone an apology. I told him i already apologized and tryed to apologize again but his son never answered. I told him i thought it was super weird for him to call me 6 months after this happened and wasnt sure what was his intentions. He said he shows up to the pizzeria frequently but never catches me. I told him he can send his son in and ill apologize in person and shake his hand but him and his wife are not coming. He called me a fucking asshole. I told him that he was not welcome in my store and if he shows up again he will be trespassing and ill call the cops. He argues some more and eventually hangs up. I never swear and stay calm the whole time. 2 hours later i get a message from the employee himself saying its disgraceful how i talk to employees and he wanted his days missed and days he covered for people ( he did fill in a few days for a driver whos father was in hospice) and his start and end dates. Im just at a loss. I need some advice.

Sounds like he isn’t worth getting aggravated about.

Your paying him to work at your store . If he is going to play games, can’t work here.

Every hire I tell them, play excessive absence game and your gone. No exceptions. I can’t hold a job for your leisure .

Make sure everything is documented in case he tries to litigate .

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This “Adult” is unreliable, and his parents are enabling him to be part of the “Entitlement Generation”
What next, are you supposed to provide a “Safe Space” for him and have “Trigger Warnings” to something that may upset him?

Don’t worry, you’ll read about this person in some obscure news article with reports of him sniffing bicycle seats and being an accused axe murderer.

Geez, that kid needs to get over it. He’s probably locked in his room smoking pot and watching Farm Aid concerts from the 80’s complaining about how The Man is keeping him down and his parents are placating him.

  1. The employee is a legal adult. There is no reason in the world to discuss anything at all with either of his parents. I would suggest that you don’t.

  2. If you already apologized for swearing at him that should close the issue.

Yeah, but they want me to apologize to his mom, thats there big sticking point.

Don’t. end of story.

Reading your description of the conversation in the original post again, I could see apologizing to her for hanging up on her. “I am sorry I hung up on you in our original conversation. I was frustrated and did not understand why I would be talking to the mother of an adult in the first place but I should not have hung up on you and I apologize for that”.

You shouldn’t be talking to his parents period. He is 24 not 16. I had a driver that I let go 2 years ago when we first took over I couldn’t stand him very selfish and lazy not to mention I caught him stealing. Anyways when I let him go his wife called to ask me why I didn’t give him a 2 week notice I told her I do not employ her I employed him told her to have a nice day and hung up. You do not need to discuss employment with anyone except for with the person whom you employ. Give him his hours and send him on his merry way. And cease any further contact with him he does not work for you anymore. He sounds pretty lazy doubt he will get off his ass to do anything about it I mean seriously it’s been 6 months. Also in my neck of the woods I have to employ someone for 17 months before they are eligible for unemployment.

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I don’t think I could have contained myself from laughing. I would have been like, “Is this a prank? A 24 year old MAN has his mommy call for him? Seriously?” Then I would have said, “That explains ALOT for the type of employee he was. Have a nice day.” click. Than I would say to myself " Good luck with that one." And never think of it again.