reasonable amount topay for ovens

looking at buying some lincoln 1000’s . double stack sytsem. Both are digital although one oven the control board needs replaced. Ovens have not been in use for nearly 10 years. Any ideas on what is a reasonable price to pay? thanks in advance.

Its not so much what you would pay to buy ovens that have not been used in ten years. What you need to consider is that you will be buying very old technology. Those older ovens had burners that were only about 80 % efficient. They have exhaust pipes that spew out a very large percentage of the heat before it helps do the baking. Newer ovens like the XLT have burners that are about 98 percent efficient and need no wasteful exhaust pipes. The difference could be $3000.00 or more in yearly operating cost.

Newer ovens should also have what are called modulating gas valves that keep the temperature in the ovens within 3-4 degrees of selected temperature at all times. Older ovens often fluctuate temperatures 10 degrees or more.

Also consider the availability of two year parts and service warranties and 1/3 less costly replacement parts.

I’ve seen lincoln 1000’s sell for anywhere from $3500-$7500 for a doublestack, not refurbished. If these ovens have sat for 10 years, there will be more than one control panel to replace. Plan on replacing gas valves possibly a conveyor motor, or blower motor. Just make sure to grease all of the bearings, as after sitting this long they will be dry.

I had done extensive research before settling for used triple stack Lincoln 1600 for 9k. Was lucky to find the product and price I wanted. For the new ones I think Lincoln 1450 for 10k is the best. XLT is very similar but not any cheaper.