Rebuilding after a tornado - Think Tank Brain needed!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow (June 19) at PMQ, we will have a visitor, Voz Vanelli of Vanelli’s Pizza in the PMQ Pizza Magazine office to talk ideas on how to rebuild after the tornado last month that took out his building. We would love to tap into the collective brain of all you experts so we will be posting some questions during the discussion mid-day tomorrow. Thanks!

We have Voz Vanelli of Vanelli’s in the PMQ office today. His building was destroyed by a tornado recently and he has questions on rebuild and new trends that may help him in planning the new restaurant. What is it in the pizza world that the public is wanting more of right now? What foods work, what trends are in the forefront?

I think more than ever people seek a connection with their food and the people making it for them. Artisanal products that are still approachable and not too esoteric.
Here’s a great article once you get past the whole 4$ toast part.

i heard that story on npr a few months ago. gotta love hipsters! they line up for toast and coconuts.