received offer on #2 store

I received an offer last night which I have accepted on my #2 store…

Should have a contract today or tommorow.

Congrats! One less headache before your busy season :smiley:

Good for you! I hope they offered a fair price. We got an offer on our place the other day, about 1/2 what we were asking, don’t think we’re gonna ber signing any contract soon!
Tom R

Congrats! I hope you did well for yourself!

Congrats buddy, i hope to get an offer soon as well.

The offer is 2.5% below our asking price and includes staying in the place through our busy season (next five months) rent free. Closing is in 30 days, terms are cash.

The buyer wants the location enough to buy both the location and our business even though they will close the business when we move out and remodel the space to another purpose alltogether.

Go figure.

Yeahhhhh,.,I am very happy for you!