Recipe Bank

Does anyone use any of the sauce or dough recipes in the recipe bank?And if so,how are they?Please give as much feedback as possible.Thank-you.

I can’t speak for everybody, but the formulas that I have posted in the RECIPE BANK asr all tried and proven and in fact many of them are in use in pizzerias right now. Do keep in mind that all formulas/recipes for either dough or sauce might not be right for everyone as we all have different tastes and expectations, but for the most part, I think any formula/recipe you take from the RECIPE BANK will make a good starting point for any dough or sauce, or you can just review them to see what others are doing that might be different from what you are doing, then you might be moved to make a similar change to your formula/recipe. For example, if you want to make a Chicago style pizza, I have a Chicago style dough formula posted that will make a decent Chicago style pizza, but you might want to change it in some way to make it fit your operation, or to give it certain characteristic that YOU want your pizzas to have. Also, because you are also provided with the author’s name, you can even post a question about his/her posted formula. Pretty neat, this is something you can’t do with your regular cook book.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

How do I get to the recipe bank? I am 7-12 months from opening my own place and I want to start perfecting a recipe!



It’s on the front page. Click here: