recipe for dough with added whole grain?

Hi all, does anyone happen to have a recipe for dough with added whole grain? This is being required by a school we are doing lunch for and we have no idea what to do. Our food supplier hasn’t gotten back to us on this and we need to turn the specs in pretty soon. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Perhaps the school could tell you what they want to see?

We are not doing whole wheat right now but when we did, we used a dough recipe that used a total of 25lbs of flour. Substituting even 5 lbs (25%) of whole wheat for white (I like the stoneground) will change the color and consistancy and give you a whole wheat flavor. Going over 10 lbs will really change the way the dough handles. We upped the oil by about 4 oz too.

If I were in your shoes I would offer a 33% whole wheat with a high protean, high gluten white. The cost on the whole wheat is about double the white flour, but on a per pizza basis the cost difference is only 5-6 cents.

Approach them with confidence, suggest 25% to 35% as a good range where the kids will still like the pizza. Emphasize that your regular high gluten white flour is a high protean, healthy product as well.

You can mess with the dough recipe and figure it out in an afternoon. It is not rocket science.

you might also consider adding wheat germ and/or masa harina (corn flour) to increase the “healthy” aspect.

Wheat germ is great in making bread and masa will add a slight Tex-Mex flavor profile (1-4.5# bag)