Recipe ideas for "white" sauce?

I want to add a “white sauce” to my menu. Most local places basically use a ranch dressing.
I would like mine to be something a bit different, but simpler to handle than a real alfredo.
I’m not a full restaurant - I’m a “pizza joint”. If possible, it would be something I could hold cold on the pizza toppings line. Actually tried a garlic-ed up ranch, but it wouldn’t hold on the pizza crust - it sort of slid off when eating it, even if I thickened it a bit.

Anyone have a good product or recipe to suggest?

Ranch as a base would be OK, or something more parmegian-ish. To be complemented by say garlic and or chicken as a named pizza…

Thanks for any ideas.


Heavy cream, butter, white pepper, parm cheese. Boil lightly 5 minutes while stirring in your cheese.

Try two pints cream, 1/4 stick butter, 6 ounces parm and just a sprinkle of white pepper for your test recipe. This can be poured and stored in your pizza unit at the top. It really is excellent and yet so simple. Try it out.

We use more of a pesto style sauce- we use our liquid garlic butter sauce, and add minced garlic- dried basil- a little dried oregano and a touch of red pepper and parmesan cheese-it’s easy, great tasting and popular (and unique)- we use a brush to apply to pizzas.

Good luck!