Recommend free POS software?

Can anyone tell me if there is a “better than the rest” freeware (or nearly free) out there that I can use for a small enterprise that may never turn into profitability? Selling some stuff on the side that I want to track sales and pricing, nothing large . . . maybe 12 to 15 products that we will sell at festivals and wholesale to gift shops. Just looking for POS software feedback. We plan to use hardware in hand for anything we need.

Any experienced folks out there?

Nick, check out FREEPOS by Positive Feedback Software. While it may not be a $10K pizza pos solution, it killz for only $99 (lifetime). I’ve used it for over 3 years, best money I’ve spent yet! Oh, it does all the major stuff that the big boys use, on line ordering, caller-id, etc… Plus, I’m an expert with it.

Would like to help but…I’m a bit confused as to what features are important. I mean Pizza is super complicated fewer options are available that can handle pizza. If your not doing pizza than the options open up a bit more. When you say festivals it sounds like you need more of just a cash register than something that will print tix in kitchen or track delivery’s. When you talk wholesale then that is a completely different game like wouldn’t a simple spreadsheet work. Hoping to learn more details to better answer your question.

I need the basic reporting and the front end, which a spreadsheet just won’t handle. A cash register would be OK, but the flexibility of exporting data is pretty darned useful. I am not looking for a pizzeria full feature bells and whistles software/hardware package. I need something that will just track customers, sales, a few products, and give a little reporting about what we are doing. I can write some reports myself if the interface is there. If not, then I will make do with the canned reports it comes with.

I want to take a laptop or small computer with us, and do some tracking of the sales we run. We aren’t talking 1000 sales in a half-day volume. Spreadsheet is not flexible enough . . . cash register requires hand writing and manual transfer of data. I COULD use Point of Success and just have a separate menu and licensing . . . but that is too large for my needs right now.

Do you currently use a pos system? I know some allow up to 4 reboots. You might want to reboot the system on a different computer.