Recommendation for Pizza Peels for Screens?

People keep banging up the screens with the wooden ones because they are so blunt. Plus they splinter and break eventually.

The metal ones with wooden handles keep coming loose and do not feel as stable as the wooden ones.

I see ads in the pizza mags for these “Italian” peels. They are all metal and I believe the ends are blue. Anyone tried these?

We use the metal peels. I have ordered them from a couple of different places and every now and again I find one that I love… I think it is Big Tray…the bad thing with them is I can order 2 paddles at one time and get 2 different paddles. Same size just a little different. Wierd.

When we get our paddle we take it outside and scrap the end on the concrete (tapers it a bit) and it slides real nice under the screens. Probably every two years or so the screws start to wear and get loose but for the under 10 buck investment I think 2 years is a fair deal.

I can’t be bothered with wooden peels. We use the metal ones with wood handles. As stated above, they last about two years and cost $10. They are light, easy to handle and slide right under those screens.

I am pretty sure we order them from Metalcraft through US foods but we have not ordered any in over a year so I could be wrong.

I find the all metal ones too heavy.
We use the basic wood handled aluminum paddle.
The paddles DO come loose - just bang it tight with a hammer.
And if the edges get chipped from banging things (sides of the oven, rivets on the “roof” of the oven, etc). just touch up the edge with a metal file. Make sure to clean it somewhere where you won’t get metal shavings near food, of course, but you can keep the edge working for a LONG time. Eventually, if you have a 6 or 7 pound pizza (we do) the paddle will BEND at the junction of the handle - then it’s shot. Just keep a couple around for backup.

Wood peels are not for use sliding under screens.

Killer for building the pie and loading into oven . . . too thick to get under screen without structural collapse . . . of the screen.