Reconditioned Vs Refurbished?

I’m currently looking for some kitchen equipment and would appreciate it if someone would describe the differences between “reconditioned” and “refurbished” equipment. I have read that refurbished equipment is usually higher priced, but I would like to know the reasoning. This question became more of interest as I monitored the continuing thread here on Shimmer. Thanks. Also, does anyone know of a reputable source for a used single phase replacement motor for a Hobart M-802 80 quart mixer? Thanks again.

Hi Pie dad :

Generally speaking the terms are interchangeable. Just depends on who is using them.

As of the last few years a lot of junk has come on the market from folks who’s only reconditioning or refurbishing tool is a damp rag.

I would suggest you give thought to a new oven. If you are considering a conveyor oven the latest models are vastly more efficient than the used models available and five year parts and service warranties are available.

The service charges on a used oven over a five year period could well exceed the savings in buying an older model.

George Mills

Thanks George. At least I’m informed now, and I’ll look for those guys with a damp rag, LOL.