Record July, best summer week in years.

We have just about wrapped up our 9th July. It is already the best we ever had. Tonight and tommorow will just increase the margin over last year which was the best up that point.

Last week was the best summer week we have had since 2002 (when there was a big concert in town that boosted the numbers for one weekend back then)

I sure am tired.

this is are first july we have only been open since nov.was kinda scared when kids got out of school in end of may biz droped off pretty good but july was good felt kinda like last winter things were hoppin last week was good broke over 3000 grand witch is good for our little pizza barn in the middle of BFE hope everyone else is starting to pick up :smiley:

Good for you. I like good news stories.

If you’ve got the good product customers will come.

I have a feeling that people are turning to quality over price and we will hear a lot more stories of indies saying they are having the best day, week, month ever a lot more.


I think you may be right on the quality vs price thing, or perhaps the market is getting segmented and the folks only interested in price are not calling me and those interested in quality have figured out they are not going to get it from the nationals or the little fly-by-night independant shops.

We have heard that the indi competition is getting very skimpy with the toppings which is hurting the perceived value, and the nationals persist with focusing on low price which is driving them to poor quality toppings and frozen dough.

Our ticket average is increasing and pretty much accounts for the sales growth. I have been able to scale back the average discount value as a percentage of sales.

Food cost is up but a period of focus on staff training is bringing it to a better point.

Labor is tough. Wages are rising and I am paying more now to get and keep good help. We have a construction and an oil/gas boom in the region and hourly wages are increasing. I now start pizza cooks at $10 and raise them pretty quickly to $11 if they work out.

My advertising costs are down both in actual dollars and in percent of sales.

I started charging for sides like salad dressing packets and marinara etc and raised the delivery charge to $2. (Not one comment so far)

Cheese is coming down, but if it does not go back below ~$1.80 a pound we will be raising prices after the Fall slow season.

I think you will see as the money gets better from the mining / construction boom people will start buying more often. They will become $ rich and time poor, buying take out more often. This is what we have been experiencing.

They will have the $ to go for the quality over quantity and if your product is a good (and I’m sure it is) they will tell other people who will then come to you, and they will tell others …