Record Wednesday

I opened in May of last year, and since summer I have pretty much been breaking even each week. Over the last couple of weeks I have seen an increase in sales on a daily basis. Last night I broke a single Wednesday record for sales…nearly double my normal Wed. Is everyone else seeing an increase in sales? Is this a normal January pattern or is my marketing finally starting to catch on? Just curious. I would hope it is my marketing starting to kick in :smiley:

I am happy things are working out for you. At my place we have been very slow this month. I can actually say that has been the slowest month of the year. What marketing have you done? I would really appreciate if you can share some ideas with us…good luck and keep up with the good work…

may have been, please share your january marketing,


I have really been concentrating on my door hanging. I identify an area and hang 3 times in one week, then move to another area the next week. I also started doing a weekly drawing to gather names. The winner gets a free 1 topping. One of my newest coupons is a large 1 topping, 12 wings, cheezy bread and 2 liter for 19.99 and it is really starting to take off. I am also doing a fundraiser for our local parks and rec which I think is also contributing to it, although only about 2% of sales can be directly attributed to that. Oh, and I do Moving Targets every month with about 100 mailings for free pizza. Been doing that for 4 months now.

Do you do delivery or carry out only…
what percentage is your delivery sales and ,carry out break down…
any major comp in area…

keep up good work and good luck

This was just ash wed. people cant eat meat…most eat pizza…expect a crazy friday up until easter

January was a really off month for us and most that I talked to in the area. February has really taken off starting last Friday. Tonight, Thursday, has really bounced back after some lousy Thursdays. For the past month and a half Wednesday has been the 4th best day of the week until tonight.

Our POS postcards also hit this week after not doing them since November which has to play into this as well.

What’s funny is we raised prices across the board starting last Friday when things really started taking off.

I was starting to feel a little tight after paying my property taxes recently and thinking about my next kid entering private school this fall but at least I feel better for the moment!

Do you do delivery or carry out only…
what percentage is your delivery sales and ,carry out break down…
any major comp in area…

I do carry out/delivery for the moment. Working on dining room. I run about 60% carry out and 40% delivery. I have a dominos, a regional chain and an independent.

you said you tried moving targets…how did it work for you? i always read about them but sometime i think is a waste of money…i heard they also send letters to people that have been in the neighbourhood for years and for this reason are not that accurate…do you think they do a good job?? did they bring you in more business?
Thank You

“Give up tasteless pizza for Lent… you may never go back”

I’ve used moving targets in the past and was pretty happy with their results. I now do my own new movers with a list I purchase from i do them myself so that I can include a magnet. No list will be 100% accurate, so yes moving targets will send to some that haven’t just moved. The number of these is pretty minimal, and the free pizza may still bring you a new customer. Bottom line is if you are not marketing to new movers in some way, you are probably missing out on a great oportunity to grow your business.

paul thank you for your message…i think i will probably go through the same website you mentioned ( and will writte the letters myself…what message do you include on your letter? Do you offer a free pizza also??

PM me your email (better yet snail mail…so you get the visual) and I will get you my letter. It’s going to be similar to moving targets letter, just presented better. I do offer a free large one topping pizza to the new movers.

My sales were up for January by about 9% but I do a fair amount of marketing. I do a mail out of my menu every Thursday to about 1200 addresses with 5000 addresses in town every month I have hit everyone. I then repeat this every month. I think this is why my sales keep increasing, it may have also been the -35 and snow we got at the end of the month lol. I also hit up new pepole in town but I use the welcome wagon. They do a personal visit to everybody that requests them to come. I know the lady that does the visits and she is a regular customer so she really puts in a good word for us. We get about a 92% return from the welcome wagon coupon. The offer is 2 small pizzas any kind so the value to use it is there.

Moving targets has been fairly accurate. I do get an occasional one that I know hasn’t moved, but it’s a good PR coupon anyway. I have had a lot of them order more than what the coupon is for and in the end I think I break even on the give aways. I did direct mail but all I was doing was paying for the mailing with the added business, so no real increase. My next step is to try postcards. I plan on ordering my first batch next week. I’ve done limited ones to date so this will be the first real mass mailing of them.