Recruiting Drivers

Hello everyone, I am having a hard time finding delivery drivers. As of current we only have one driver. How do you guys go about finding drivers? I’ve gone through the apps and there just arent’ any people looking for delivery jobs.

what do you pay per hour and what is your delivery reimbursement?

we pay min wage and the reimbursement is 2.00 per delivery.

what is your minimum wage and how many deliveries do they do a night?

My drivers make $100 a night for 4 hours between pay, reimbursemtn, and tips… and i can’t get rid of them.

im having the same situation 6.00 per hour + 2.00 del. No 1 wants to work with there car w/ gas so high :cry:

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we currently pay around £1.89 per litre in the uk thats about £7.15 per gallon whihc is about US$14.17 per gallon.

we pay our guys £1 per delivery and £5.35 per hour.

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What kind of cars do you use over in Europe? Here in the US, Most cars are gas guzzlers. get 10-15 miles per gallon. If they made more Fuel efficient cars like they do in Europe, everyone wouldn’t be complaining.

the ave var over here will do 30-40 miles per gallon - but even so we pay way way way more for fuel than you guys.

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min wage is 6.15 per hour, when we have a delivery driver we get anywhere between one and ten a night. The owners and I are planning on hitting the marketing hard with door hangers and what not once we have drivers, the troulbe is getting them.

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OK Guest,

Lets take our car that gets 15 mpg.
Lets say our driver puts 50 miles on the car for the day.
We pay currently 3.19 a gallon.

We have used 3.33 gallons of gas costing us 10.63 for the day.

Lets say in Europe our car gets 40 Mpg.
Lets say your driver also puts 50 miles on the car for the day.
You pay 14.17 a gallon

You have used .80 gallons of gas costing you 11.33 for the day.


At today’s conversion rates, the numbers are:

£5.35 per hour = $10.60 USD
£1 per delivery = $1.98 USD

At that rate, my delivery guy making 53 deliveries a week on 25 hours work would make:

10.60 x 25 = $265.00
1.98 x 12 = $104.94

total weekly $369.94

That’s like TWICE what he actually makes for me. I’d really have to fold up and file bankruptcy. I am sure the economics are very different ‘across the pond’, and the business is differnet for you guys as well.

What are your drivers driving - Hummers?

I’d guesstimate that my average drivers car gets between 20 and 35 MPG. Most are smaller Toyotas, Hondas or other 4 cylinder domestics. I’m abslutely certain that none of them get as low as 10-15 MPG.

If that were the case, they’d be burning about $2 worth of gas on each run - and they wouldn’t do that for sure.

Heck, I think there are only a few cars that get 10 MPG - and those cost about $300K - as in Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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We pay our drivers 4 dollars an hour, and 1 dollar a run, which will be changing to 5% commission instead of per run fee, this will be paid on there pay checks and included as hourly so as to offset the minimum wage hike and keep everything kosher. They all make at least 1 hundred dollars for a full shift take home cash. our full timers work 4 days a week and take home 1600 a month. thats pretty good for working an unskilled job if you ask me.