Red Barn Pizza / rfgmarketing question

I saw in another thread that you were happy with… and that they made you lunches triple. Could you give me an idea number wise what kind of increase you saw. We really could use something to help bump up the lunches at our place. Has the increase in business maintained? Did the investment in the marketing pay for itself?

This sounds like an option for me, but I wanted to get some additional background information before moving forward. Any information you can provide is great.

Also, does anybody else have good or bad experiences with rfgmarketing?


I will put my .02 in this…if you dont mind :slight_smile:

The chepaest investment for lunch would be MENUS to every business around you. That what i do every day fro the last 1 year and i keep getting delvieries small order and big orders all kind of orders and dine in as well take out of course.

So every morning i send out a driver 1 hour prior to us opening and he does menus in our areas hands our menu to every person in every business

Do you keep doing the same businesses evey week?

almost every business gets this every month … but youd be surprised when you keep putting it in their face all the time they will order and they will remember you.

i have alot of businesses around me… my restaurant is like on the main road where all apartments are most of the homes and all hotels…

5 business parks … and if we do it everyday in 1 month we get to all of them.

so i keep doing it … if i didtn it would be slow during lunch really slow

My assistant and I do business visits in the morning. It gets discouraging when time after time you go into a business, they seem excited to try us and then we don’t hear from them. From experience though, sometimes it takes three or four times going into the same place before they will order. Once people get into the habit of ordering from the same places it’s tough to get in. I’ve heard different businesses refering to this as being their ‘rotation’ of places they order from. Especially car dealerships. So we do whatever it takes to get into their ‘rotation’. A free lunch for the person who usually does the ordering has seemed to be working lately.

before using RFG I was doing the door to door menu, it takes an extra hour a day and gets REALLY disapointing in the winter when you walk around in snow and cold all day.
as for the number I would say that the lunch time fax generates about 4 orders a day just from the fax…
it cost about 3.00 a day SOMETIMES we get a minuim order (10.00) but on an average we would be feeding 4-6 people.
average ticket 35.00
on a side note as a direct responce from the faxing we picked up a christmas party that will pay for the 6 months of faxing!
the best part THIS WEEK starts a new chapter as we added dine in so we can take full advantage of his services

I’ve been working with Andy @ rfg since around 1999 or 2000. My places do really big lunches. The faxes and emails keep you in front of your customers every day for cheap money$. One summer, I stopped the faxing for about two weeks to check its worthiness, and my customers actually called to see where their daily faxes were!

It is a no-brainer for me!