Has anyone seen the Redboxes that they have at Wal-mart? I was thinking about trying to get one for my place. Has anyone tried anything similar?

I contacted both RedBox and MovieCube, and neither one is expanded to indies at this time. The have all their units and future units tied up in large contracts.
Let me know if you find anything different

I got word back last spring from one of those DVD kiosk places after trying for a year and many emails. The expense for me to lease the unit, provide internet access for reporting, the maintenance fee to the company and then the product fees . . . were just wayyyyy beyond what I could recover in my marketplace.

They had contracts with Albertson’s (a grocery chain here) and McDonald’s about a year ago. Have not seen many go up but I used one myself. I liked the service. But Blockbuster online with movie swaps fills the bill for me now.

I would not get involved in any long term obligations with them, however, as the market is too competitive and online delivery will be a reality in a few years.

here is an option you might want to try did it for about 2 years made a lttle cash but had some problems getting people to return them they stock everything and split 70/30 sales