Reformulating Dough Recipe - Thick Crust

Looking to switch to a General Mills product since it seems to be widely recommended and the information on their products is well documented (although not opposed to other suggestions).

We currently use Bernieri by Horizon Mills. I cannot find any information on the product on the web or from my distributor but have been told its about 12.5% protein.

From General Mills website, it looks like we would use their Gold Medal Superlative. In the past, we experimented with their “All Trumps” but the product was too soft with the texture of bread – just not our crust. (used Big Dave’s Faithful).

Our current recipe is as follows:

29.5 lbs flour
8 qts water
6 oz salt
1.5 oz sugar
1 oz active dry yeast
16 fluid oz olive oil blend

Yeast bags are made up ahead of time (salt, sugar & yeast) and put in 2 qts of 100 degree water for 10 minutes. 6 qts of cold water is then added and all water then poured into the mixing bowl. Flour next, then oil. Mix at 1 speed 10 minutes, 2 speed for 5 minutes. Divide and put in walk-in for use over the next 1 to 3 days. Balls are put on trays and covered with plastic dough bags.

I know the recipe percentages are way off from anything I’ve read relating to these boards. They are from the original owner (twice removed) some 20 years ago.

I’m not comfortable with the formula given it is so different and so feel the general advice I read about may not be so relative. I’m also uncomfortable with the flour as I don’t know anything about it.

For the most part, I am happy with the crust but I would like to give it a crispier crust – and have it be lighter and airier. I’ve experimented with more water which has not helped.

Tomorrow I am planning on ordering the superlative to play with on the side and use Lehman’s New York recipe to start with??? Does this sound like a good start???

All Trump (my fav) is a higher protein flour than Superlative (tried it 10 yrs ago)…

Many Bagel makers & french bread bakers prefer All Trump…

your recipe is similar 2 the one I use…

I use a bit more sugar & a bit less yeast (IDY) & cold ice H2O 4 use 2 days later…

I use a 50# bag of flour, but it works out 2 the same % u r using…

I use All Trumps as well… but use the same dough for Thin and Thick… i just lay 2 sheets of dough down for the thick and it puffs up pretty good.

Never had anyone say it was’nt “thick” enough