Refrigerated Prep Tables

I have LaRosa Tables in my stores, The newest one is only about 7-8 years old. I just put 900 in it and I have to add refrigerant at least once a month. Quote to fix the leak and compressor that is on its way out is in the 3500 range. I really think I want to cut my losses. Don’t have the 6k plus to drop on a 114" table. There are a lot more options in the 93-99" range. I know you get what you pay for, but there are a lot of budget options out there (Hudson, Avantco, MetalFrio). I think I can work with the smaller size, but does anybody have any experience with any of the “Budget” Brands? Most are decent compressors, which is the biggest expense/problem area.

We have been very happy with our True table that we bought used nearly 4 years ago. is great for equipment and free shipping. they’ve got a 93" turbo air for $4195
and a true or beverage air for a little more.


Thanks for the source. It looks like they have good pricing especially considering the shipping.

We have several True pieces of equipment. They have been reliable and I especially like that when they do need work the parts are very easy to get. We have been running a True double door freezer for 15 years and had to replace the compressor about two years ago. (Gets very heavy use since we stock pints of ice cream in it and we promote free pints) We were able to get the part the next day with no issues. Some of the less widely distributed brands could be challenging in that regard.

Hi Mr Howie:

Sorry to hear of your La Rosa problem.

That brand has been my choice when it comes to pizza prep tables for over 40 years we have placed hundreds of them nation wide.Our experience has been outstanding we have had fewer service problems with that brand then with any other.

True makes a good product and again we have placed hundreds of items from throughout there line up.

We have done little with the less costly imported lines but have had good experience with the few we have placed.

I guess its a matter of good, better, best and little chance of getting a bad.

George Mills

My other two Larosa tables are probably over 10 years old. But this one being the newest at 7 has had the most problems. My biggest issue is lack of “Qualified” HVAC/Refrigeration companies. Last time I was out of town it stopped cooling. They replaced a pressure switch and charged me almost 600.00. It has a leak that 6 different companies have been unable to find. Everybody wants to replace evap/condenser/compressor and all lines. And I really don’t trust any of them to do it. I don’t mind paying for repairs, but we are in a tourism area so prices are at a premium and quality a minimum. I am generally a pay more up front instead of paying for something cheap twice type of guy, which is why we have used LaRosa. But if I only see 7 years out of a 7000+ table I might as well buy cheap and replace it. I also have A few small True tables that I have been happy with, but anymore they are up there with Larosa in price.
I have never seen anything from Hudson or Avantco in person so I was curious, but I may have to find out.
Thanks for the replies…