Refrigerator Magnets

Does anyone have experience with refrigerator magnets? what was your success rate and were did you get them from?

every order gets a magnet, period…I’ve got many customers with 20+ magnets everywhere…

Every order gets a magnet. I buy my magnets from @royster13 he has been fantastic to deal with. I have had people call me when moving into an apartment because the previous tenant had left a magnet on the fridge. I have a customer that has his man cave covered with my magnets. Each order he specifies which of the three colors of magnets he wants to fit his design.

If you don’t mind me asking, how many do you go through a month and what is the cost per magnet?

Being out of the business for a few years I may be off on pricing but I paid about .39 per magnet. I as well gave one out with every order. One argument about magnets these days is that so many people have stainless steel magnets that you may be wasting some of them. The problem with that argument is you will never know who will keep them or throw them out.

I still sell 10s of 1,000s of magnets a year so IMO the stainless steel thing is not much of a concern…That said, with any kind of marketing there is waste…Many folks will throw away your magnets, menus, etc…However, as long as remainder are productive it is worth it…Think of ads on radio or TV…

I have worked hard to promote magnets to direct marketers in various kinds of mail order businesses…And following is typical of the feedback I get:

“Magnets are a useful marketing tool. I give them out at demos, marketing events, networking meetings, and slip them into all on-line orders, and
generally pass them about freely. When folks are overwhelmed by too many people, too much paper and too much information they are more likely to
remember my business when they can put a magnet on their fridge. Fridge magnets have increased my business.”

I use pizza slice magnets from off the wall. There are eight magnet per wheel, every pizza gets a pizza slice magnet, collect eight magnets get free pizza. The eight pizza slice wheel cost around .68 cents so around .08 cents a slice. The best thing about this reward program is you get your magnets back to reuse again. Works really well because the guest see that every time they go to fridge they see how close they are getting to a FREE pizza. It is a little motivation to buy more pizza sooner. People get really mad if we forget to give them a magnet with pizza, so if you do this make sure your in it for the long haul.

I can not imagine “recycling” magnets like that…Once they leave your possession you have idea where they have been or what has been done with them…Sounds like a landmine to me…

I too give a magnet with every order. I go through nearly 5K per month and they cost less than 10 cents each. I order them in lots of 20,000 and try to change up the design with each order. When I had my wrapped Smart car I had a batch of magnets custom diecut in the shape of the car.

That was such a neat car…I seem to recall it being on some of your Christmas cards…

Hahaha, must see!

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You can go online and order a packet of business card magnets and make your own magnets and save some money. I have use for years…always nice to see your business on your clients refrigerator.

For those of you that send one with every order… how do you do that? In the driver’s pockets? Glued to the box? How?

Tucked in the front of the box by the tab.

I also tuck them into the front of the closed box and try to make sure they stick out slightly so the customer sees it and pulls it out before opening the box. Otherwise it might fall onto the pizza when the customer opens the box.

Some of my clients order outdoor magnets to getting a little sauce on them does not hurt too much…Plus for these who allow customers to collect so many for a free pizza they are much more durable when reused…

Outstanding thread I guess I will be contacting @royster13 real soon to get set up/

We just had a pile of postcards printed, and I was thinking about slapping some magnets on them for people, now it looks like I’ll special order from a forum member instead.

If my calculations are correct I have had @royster13 supply me with around 75,000 magnets. Never had any issues with the whole process from order to delivery to quality.