Refurbished MM Ovens

I have been looking at fully refurbished twin stack MM260 ovens on E-bay
through Pizza Equipmet Supply Inc. They come with warranty as they have been fully refurbished with new parts. Asking price is U$16,500 for the pair (about AU$19,500). Single secondhand ones over here run out at around AU$15,000 with new ones at $AU$29,000.

Has anyone had any dealingswith this crowd or know of anyone who has?

I am seeking their integrity and reliability as I would be shipping to Australia.


I’m not sure you want 2 b looking @ this model - quite old (200 series) and I don’t believe the best pizza oven choice @ that price

MM 360’s are the old war horses many use

Hello Dave,that does sound high priced for a well…not so reliable oven.Did you do your homework on these ovens and you are sure this is what your heart desires?If so then go w/ your gut,just be sure buddy before spending so much $$.It’s a shame you can’t pick up a used one there in Australia at a Much better price.Whatever your choice is I wish you da best of luck bro.

We have purchased 3 doublestakcs of refurbed MM360’s from PESI over the past year or so. Have not had any problems. Ovens look brand new when they arrive.

Hmm. Do you really mean 260’s or do you mean 360’s?

Hmm. My bad Typo. Yes they should be 360’s.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Start again guys with your replies on this subject :oops:


why dont you get them from the factory?
they have a better warranty and you can extend the warranty for only $700.00 per year