refurbished mm360s from p.e.s.i

has anyone done business with pizza inc. for refurbished mm360s ?

We have purchased 6 of these from them in the past 6-8 months.

No problems at all. They are basically brand new. I believe they replace most of the internal parts and electronics - the shell is cleaned and shined like new.

good to here they work.i am thinking of getting a set,but having trouble with the whole money up front with no receipt concept.

Check out Northern Pizza Equipment in Michigan. They sell refurbished equipment for a good price.

I’ve worked for 2 places that have purchased from Northern Pizza equipment, and I purchased 80% of my equipment from them as well. (some new, some recond. ) Only ever had minor problems - they do a good job.

thx for input.i have spoke with all the refurb places.p.e.s.i is having a “sale”
they are 3000.00 cheaper at this time…