register tape

has anyone used with sucesss register tape that prints coupons on the back of reciepts at grocery strores?

I used them for a while, always offering something free with a purchase of a large pizza. Found that the only one I got a response from was BOGO free large pizza. Also found the same addresses were using the coupons every time they ordered for months after the coupons changed. Just didn’t seem worth it to continue advertising with them.

I used it several times, same result. I decided it wasn’t worth the money. Didn’t seem to matter how aggressive my offer was.

If you are going through a company selling advertising it can get costly…Another idea (although a little work) is to find a few local merchants (4 to 8 maybe) to share the cost of the tapes and buy your own…Someone like Rob at … _paper.htm should be able to help you…Then give them to a local grocery to use up…Should cut your cost in half…RCS…

We did it for 6 months. It was probably the biggest waste of advertising dollars I’ve ever spent.

We tried it for the opening of our new location (in a chain of about 10 stores). We ran a 50% off any order (limit $10 in value) and so far the return has been quite amazing. It’s hard to tell if the coupons are pouring in because the value is so good or because the medium is so effective, but I must say that I never thought anyone even looked at the back of the register tapes. This sure proved me wrong. The true test will be when we change the offer in 4 months to something much less aggressive. At that point we will see how effective the medium is vs the offer. At that point we will decide whether or not to continue the program.

For comparison purposes, our cost is about $150 a month and from what I can tell the vast majority of this coupon’s users are new customers, not the same customers over and over (we haven’t been long enough for such a high number of repeat customers yet anyways).

I just got visited by a company offering this service. I am in a strip with a major grocery chain.

The score I see is 3 no and 1 yes. I am pretty sure I know what my decision is, but now that the economy is a little rough does anybody have any to add to this thread?


If you decide to try this, you need to make sure you offer an aggressive special. The other thing to keep in mind is that the sales rep has a significant markup into the cost. Plan to negotiate 25% or larger discount.

total bust for me

I’ve seen these coupons at my various local grocery stores, and honestly as a consumer… I usually don’t even look at my grocery store reciept. It always gets thrown away when I get home and put the groceries away. I would immagine that most consumers are this way so this idea doesn’t really pay off. as far as advertising, the best bang for the buck I have seen is mail drop advertisements.