Registering Logo

Does anyone know how to go about registering a logo?

Here is a bookmark for the US Patent and Trademark office general info about registering a trademark. You may actually be able to do it yourself . . . and the attorney would probably do a better research.

Been there, done that, got the big certificate from Office of Patents and Trademarks.

Start to finish, with no glitches, will take at least 6-8 months. (The publication in Trademark Gazette is a 30 day period but takes more like 60 days.)

First do a search on the USPTO website to look for any similar marks, as it may preclude you from going any further. (The examining attorney will kick it back if he/she deems there is a likelihood of confusion with a registered mark.)

Then it’s simply a matter of following instructions. A good trademark attorney will save you time but cost you $$.

And then after all that you get to DEFEND your trademark. If you don’t, you can lose it. Ask Bayer about “aspirin”