Regulars are they taking advantage me

We have a little outdoor patio that seldom gets used. One day 2 couples both are regulars came in just to sit and drink outside when one decides they should go next door and get some tacos and bring back and eat them on our patio, although they usally buy a pizza or pasta but not on this night. Mind you they spend upwards of fifty dollars when they come in some time twice a week. What would you do, I dont want to hurt their feelings but it still is not right I feel we are being taken advantage of.

Get over it. It’s not a big deal. If the patio is seldom used it doesn’t matter. If you have customers wanting to use the patio, then that is a different story.

I go out to their table, and ask why they didn’t bring me tacos, all I ever eat is pizza.

For a customer that spends $100 per week with me, I would offer to pick their tacos up for them if they wanted!

Grin and bear it. You’re not being taken advantge of and I wouldn’t even bring it up to them joking or otherwise. You have to look at the big picture overall you’re making money with them, they’re regulars and so far it is a one time thing. If you say somthing they probably won’t come back in. So for a couple of taco’s or a joke that might offend them you will lose a $100 a week customers. If it happens again then I would say somthing like; I see you orderd from next door. That’s nice espcially with him getting out or prison and al,l he needs all the help he can get . . .well maybe not :shock: but if it became a habit I would let them know that I noticed it.

Like RG says, it should only be a problem if other customers are being denied a seat because of this. If it’s really bugging you, then just say something like, “do you guys want some [insert drink/food] to go with [insert taco seller’s name]'s tacos?” Whatever you say, don’t make it awkward for them! You should treat your regulars as you would a good friend. They obviously already feel at home, there. Don’t change that!

I actually had a very similar situation recently, only someone brought food inside and ate it at the table while their friends at my pizza. I told them I was going to let it slide that time, because they were such good customers, but I can’t have them doing it anymore. I asked them what they thought my other customers would think about my food, and how bad it must be, if they saw people doing that.

Thanks guys I guess I should’nt sweat the small stuff

If you have a good rapport with them, a compromise could be to approach them and ask for a measure of discretion, like disposing of the bags and wrappers . . . or kepping them well disguised.

I am with you that I don’t want people using my space to eat someone else’s profits. I also want to be open and friendly with regular customers.

Hey Nick. I was thinking of stopping by and meeting you, would it be alright if I brought my own pizza and ate it at your place.

Old Doughball

sure. Are you one of my regulars? Don’t bring in any outside wrappers.