Remco Millenium 2000 Carousel Brick Oven

Has anyone had any experience with this oven? Pro’s…Con’s…looking for any feedback…

I tried to navigate some of their web site, but some links work, some don’t take you where you want, some don’t work at all. Are they still around, or do the have a poor webmaster?



talked to them last year 75,000 $ seen couple on ebay thats all i can tell you

I’d love to have one…
all the owners I have talked with really like them…inspite of the
$$$$$$ tag,

I was seriously looking at this oven, but decided not to after speaking to two separate people about their experience. Here’s one…

I just couldn’t afford to have a similiar experience. Running a pizza place is hard enough as it is.

At a show I asked, if this oven is so fast, what happens if the operator does not get the pizza or whatever out at the exact proper time.
Answer, the pizza or what ever is in the oven will be burnt.
That observation was followed up with the statement, the operator just bakes another. Sounds like a lot of product could be burnt.

I know of no chains that have adopted this oven as standard. Do you?

George Mills