Remodeling Part 2

Hi Guys

Well its not done yet but this is what we did over the weekend… still need touch ups, new doors. But the good thing is we did the corner new drywall, before there was big AC unit now its coverd up and i moved that ugly TV and did full set up new Flat Screen JVC on the wall. also took off the Coca Cola menu… ANy advice what to do next? i know we need pictures but what kind? and what else could i do to improve… i spent alot of money this month all this remodeling plus the new ice machine i had to buy. well you guys know how it is when it comes to spending easy to spend hard to make :slight_smile:

ps. dont mind the people in the pictures they are just helping.

find a local artist maybe have mural( ithink thats how its pelled) painted maybe cost $500

hmm thats cheaper then buying pictures

any other suggestions?? likes dislikes?? add menu??

Glad you went with the red. Are you still thinking of doing the ceiling?

One way you can do a murial for a couple of bucks is find someone with a trasperacy(sp) projector. Buy some transpericies and a great picture. Trace it and change it a bit then use the projector to blow it up on the wall. Trace the wall with pencil and then paint.

Or…just look for some clearance pictures on the internet and stores…might be a safer bet to do this.

Place looks great and thanks for the update!


Looks very nice! For Pictures, you don’t really need to spend that much … look around this site[/url] search around for something that’s appropriate for your place - you can find tons of posters for under 10 bucks there. One of the ones I bought there was “Lunch on a girder” - it’s a famous old print of a bunch of workers sitting on a girder eating lunch 50 - 60 stories above Manhattan. Put something like that in a decent $25 frame & you’re good to go. If you have a fair amount of office workers and/or college students coming in, you might want to check out this site; [url=] Go to the “Demotivators” section. These are great for anyone whose eyes roll whenever they see the “motivational” posters that seem to be in every office. If it helps them go back to work with a smile on there face, it’s a win for you!

great ideas guys thank you

we got some gorgeous paintings at something called the starving artist sale, we bought frames for them too there so they all matched, so there actually painted art for about 100 each, you can look it up I think its something that travels all around the country. the red looks great!!!