Remodeling This MONTH NEED HELP :) (pics inside)

Hi Everyone

Please help me with paint ideas for the wall first of all
here is the pic of one side of the restaurant

all ideas welcome thanx…

i was thinking light brown and dark brown border on top

I’d suggest some color rather than browning the place down. Some sort of rich red burgundy would be bold. I’m thinking of an Elizabethan red rather than a purplish hue. If you must do brown, then make the trim a brick color rather than just dark brown.

Don’t be afraid to use color to add energy and vitality to your dining room.

What are you doing about lighting?

what’s your budget?

walls ar too neutral and need some pop…a nice deep red might work

the counter might get a facelift…how about thin brick or cultures stone veneer…be careful though I ended up doing all my walls and counter in brick b/c I liked it so much

defintally some color!! I can’t wait to hear the suggestions you get and to see what you end up doing, we’ll be starting in our brand new building here pretty soon, so I’ll be looking for Ideas…I think we’re going with with dark reds, maybe some yellow accents. please post the pictures when your done!!!

I agree Red.

Maybe do a red white green thick stripe. Stay away from the brown.

Love that you can post pics. What clean ovens you have!

For the dining room wall, I’d paint the wainscoating to match whatever one of these
I chose … I did one of Times Square in my shop a couple years ago & it looks great! Word of caution, however - these places include the paste, and it was not enough for me (a serious problem when you’re putting the thing up at 2 a.m. & there’s no place open to buy more - adding water & enough flour to thicken it seemed to work fine, however). I’d also take out a couple ceiling tiles & see if you could possibly expose the dining room celing - if the electricians, HVAC guys, etc weren’t too lazy when they did there work, an exposed ceiling is a much nicer look than the same old drop ceiling that you see in every office building. I’d lose the flourescent lighting, if at all possible. You also might want to think about putting some drapes on your windows to make it more “homey” & less “strip mally” (don’t get mad - I’m in one, too).

I like the open kitchen, about the only suggestion would be to replace the Coke menu board - I used to have the same exact thing … you could either spend a lot of money, or do what I did - get some hich quality plywood, paint it with chalkboard paint, pick up some good chalk at an art supply store, and make your own. You’ve got a nice, casual place - a chalk menuboard would not look out of place. If you do expose the ceiling in the dining room, you likely won’t be able to do so in the kitchen (Health code) - use the menuboard to separate the 2 areas. That would maintain the open feel, yet give a little separation of the work space.

Hope this is of some help.

Thanx for all the help keep it coming… im not good at remodeling i have no ideas really…

I am going to home depot this weekend to buy color and to see what lights i can buy there because i hate my lightning … any suggestion is welcome.

Some people suggested Green Olive color and darker green for kitchen… yes i hate that menu i want to get a new one because 40% of my items are not even ont hat menu i need to get a new menu. asap but i will do that when i paint so that i can match some how.

Dark Red??/ would that match my green booths?

Why not just take the menu board down? You could put your menu on a 8x14 legal paper fold in three. They can order from that and hopefully end up taking the menu with them. Sure you would need lots but what a great way to get your menu out there.

Ever thought about painting the ceiling tiles. Uses ton of paint but sure does look good when done.

Yes the red would match the booths.

Can you tell me more about the murals NY? I’m seriously interested in one or two of those to jazz my place up!

You are right… menus can be taken down and just have the menu at the counter and they can even take it with them…

yes ceiling i would like to paint but same color or?

Tango I tried to email you some photos. Not sure if they are going to go through or not, they are kind of big. I don’t have them hosted anywhere, or I would post them. That is my dining room. Pretty plain jane too. We’ve done MORE to it, but you get the idea. Wall color is pretty close to the same, but we painted our floor a deep red, and the ceiling a dark brown (ceiling tiles) I’m trying to redo my lights very soon!

no i did not see your eamil go through… can you try again i would really like to see ideas.

Lets wait a little bit. Also check your junk mail folder. My domain sometimes hits those folders. I sent it from my personal email address which has numbers in it. Most spam filters don’t like it these days. Oh well…

If you do a google or Yahoo search for “Wallpaper Murals” you’ll find a wide variety of styles & prices. Remember that it’s going to be something you’ll have to clean. If you plan on doing it yourself, I’d only suggest that if you’ve (successfully) done wallpapering before - even then, have a good helper when you do it; those panels are often 3 feet by 4 feet, and are hard to handle, let alone match up, by yourself. I’d post a pic of mine but I’m either:

A) Too Dumb
B) Too Lazy
C) A & B

to figure out how to do that here … pm me your email if you’d like to see it for yourself.

i got your pics thanx bro… it lookkkksss very nice and clean i love it…

how did you paint the ceiling and what kind of paint ?

I used a commercial paint sprayer and sprayed them all in place. It took me about 30 minutes, no joke. I spent more time cleaning out the sprayer then i did painting the ceiling. Which was about 1300 square feet worth. We just used a regular flat paint. Nothing special. I can’t remember how much of it we used, but it wasn’t too bad. The sprayer really did a good job of applying it well.

Those pictures were taken right when we opened it up. The walls now have scuffs and we have more stuff on the walls, but you got the idea. We also added more shelving around the bar. The floor needs to be fixed too. It is showing some wear and tear. I’d love to have tile like you. THAT looks nice. We are going to redo the lighting into can lights in phases really soon. I’m going to do the ones above the bar area and above the buffet hopefully the first of the year!


It is a complimentary color . . . even something like terra cotta coloring would be a nice diversion. It’s like flavor, giving the yes more things to see and do. 16 shades of green gets boring to the receptors, and dulls them. 6 different earth tones can be better than one color, but even that gets monotonous to the eyes sometimes if not well balanced.

Red/Green and Blue/Yellow are the eye color receptors. Two types each perceiving two colors.

One of the things i am looking into. Is having the local High School art students paint the walls. Have them mix pizza with local things and sports teams. Either have the senior do it and give them a pizza party along with paying for all the materials.

Or maybe making a game out of it and having the walls marked in 4 areas. Freshmen in one, soph in another, juniors in one ,and seniors in the other.

After opening have customers vote on which wall they like the most. After a month give the winners a big pizza party for familys.

one vote per order.