Remote access to store computer for free!

I’ve been using for years and wanted to share it with the TT. If your store computer is connected to the internet, you can view everything thats goin on for free. It’s the same as but has a free level. It’s nice to see the orders coming in and to keep in touch with the store from anywhere.

Don’t forget a camera. You can start off with a wireless, remote control with zoom for around $300.

Now you can see the customer, register and who’s in the till at the same time watching the order being put into the computer.

Another nice thing about is your ability to chat with whoever is at the computer. You can send a message and they can respond.

Just thought I’d pass it on to the TT


Would it work through an i phone or other smart phone? We use pc anywhere but does not work through smartphones. I have been hoping to find something that would.

Yes, it has a iphone app. However, I have a blackberry so i can’t access through my phone. I wish I could.


Shoot, you mean I don’t have to go in anymore??? :smiley:

use it everday and like it alot. haven’t done it yet, but it is possible to forward the phones to my cell and take orders remotely.

pizzatime, thanks for the link!!!

I’ve been using PCA & VNC forever. Was just waiting for an app for the Droid - bam!!! Tkx. Haaaa, its great loggin on from the palm of your hand, video, pos, whatever… vnice stuff! Sweet! :smiley:

I’ve been using this for a few months and it’s great, especially considering I had just ended a free trial for another service and was about to spend $20/mo for the same product. Just to be able to check in on how the store is doing real quick is great. But, I can also come be home with the family more and do accounting work, scheduling, see if anyone is playing around on facebook, etc.

I have a new security camera system I’ll be installing next week. I can’t wait for the first time I can log in from home, see someone sitting around and use to get on my office computer, make a to-do list with annoying jobs and call the store and say: “hey, tell Bob to go in my office and grab the paper in the printer of things for him to do.” Wonder how long it will take for them to figure that one out.

I’m also putting in a new phone system that will allow me to activate my cell phone to ring along with the in-store phones when someone calls in. Then, when we have the random busy nights from a thunder storm or whatever, I can log in and take phone orders from home so my counter person can take payments and help the kitchen instead of stopping every 90 seconds to run to the phone (or have the dreaded missed call because there’s not enough people to get all the lines).