remote video monitor of shop?

is anyone using a remote video monitor system to see whats going on in their shop? I know a good mgr/asst should keep it in line but I was wondering if anyone used it to keep an eye on things from out of town or when your at home. especially the guys who have more than one shop. I thing the cost of a one or two camera unit with internet access has gone down considerable in the past few years.


I paid around $3000 for my 8 camera system connected to the internet. Spend a little extra and get larger DVD storage and put a mic at your front counter so if you have concerns about how a customer was treated, you can rewind and listen.

thanks Paul…a few questions: do you find yourself using the system a lot? do you think it keeps the employees more on the ball? do you have more than one location?

I have a 4 camera DVR system that cost me under $300. I use it daily. You’ll be surprised what you see.

I bought an 8 camera system from for about $800 on sale. 8 channel DVR, internet access. Cameras are indoor/outdoor, motion activated, infrared illuminated.

be very careful…recording conversation is illegal

No audio recording with mine. But I believe that also varies from state to state. I looked it up here in Texas at one time. If at least one party to the private conversation knows it is being recorded, then it is legal. Also when there is no expectation of privacy, such as giving an order at a restaurant.See

As long as it is posted in your shop that you have audio recording capabilities, it’s legal in Texas. I have a sticker on my front and back doors that my store is video and audio recorded and monitored.

I have a 5 camera DVR set up with Pan Tilt Zoom cameras on 4 stations. You’d be surprised how quickly some of the employees forget they’re there. I monitor mine quite frequently from home. There will be times you wish they didn’t exist when you see an employee pull a particularly bone-headed move, but for the most part they’re an asset.

I have caught employees stealing, mismade orders and pizza crashes at the end of the oven. Very valuable tool in my opinion.