removing 2 sizes

Hello. Was wondering what your thoughts are on this. We have the following pizza sizes - 10,12,14,16 and 18 inch. We have had them since we opened 3 years ago. We’re thinkiing about taking off the 10’s and 18’s from the menus as they don’t seem profitable. We will still make 18’s as we use them for slices - just peppperoni and cheese.

Our thinking is if we take off the 18’s, they would need to buy 2 -16’s and we could make a bit more. If we take off the 10’s, they would need to buy a 12.

Thoughts, comments - what sizes are you offering and would you do something like this or is this crazy talk!?!?!?!


From my persective, have five sizes is nuts. Unless you do really huge volume, you are looking at a prep headache to have to figure how many to make and then stock that many sizes of doughballs. Just simplifying that aspect alone will be a relief.

For that matter, I would look at doing slices from 16" pies and doing fewer slices out of a pie so the over all size of the slice would stay about the same. i.e. If you are doing 8 slices from an 18" do 6 from a 16" or if you are doing 6 switch to 4.

Making the change will clean up your make line and the walk-in and you will have easier storage issues with boxes. Your menu printing will be simpler and employee training will be easier too.

Makes me want to consider switching from 3 to 2!

One of our local pizza places took 10s off the menu…For me a 12 is too big so when I just want a little pizza I go to Subway…

So… XS, S, M, L, XL… My head hurts! :shock:

There is a lot of sense to limiting the number of sizes you do – especially 5! But, I don’t understand “seems unprofitable”. Either it is or it isn’t. I can’t see making any decisions based on “seems” as a good one.

If you are going to sell slices in an 18", then I think you should sell them. You already prep it and store it so why not? If your 18" pie is “unprofitable” fix your pricing so it is! What are you gong to tell people when they point to your slicer and say they want that size? Sorry, but we can’t figure out a good price for it???

I would suggest taking the 12 and either the 16 or 18 off. By keeping the 10, you don’t alienate the individual and you can use a 16 or 18 as a slicer. If it were me, I would definitely rid the 18 for the extra space they take up in boxes and room in the oven.

We used to 10, 13, 15 and 18. Dropped the 18 and now have Small 10" for single person (good size), Large 13" (most buy in either multples of 2 or 3 on deal price) and Family 15" (sell lots of 2 multiples).
I would go with 10", 14" and 16" - similar variances to ours and push bundled deals of 2’s or 3’s of the 14" and 16" eg 1 x 14" 5 topping $15 or 2 for $28.50 or 3 for $41.90. You will be surprised how many multis you will sell.


Have you looked at what your sales for each size are? That would be the best way to determine where to cut back. If i had to chose to eliminate sizes I would look at what that customer might buy as an alternative. As royceter13 mentioned 12" is too large for one person so that should be a consideration.

Compared to 10" the sizes you have increase in amount of pizza as follows
Without knowing your sales per size my choice to eliminate would be the 12" and 18"

We offer our Pub Crust (rolled) in 12" & 14", our hand tossed is 8", 12", & 14", and our deep-dish is 12" & 14". Locally competition offers a 6", 12" 14" and 16", but we have never had a complaint our pizza was too “small” nor too “large”.