Bought a used walk-in cooler and it has oxidized stains on several panels. Any suggestions on how to remove. Thanks.

Not sure if this helps, but we also bought a used walk in cooler and when we took delivery of it, it had this gray spray paint in various spots in and out of the cooler panels. So what I’m thinking is that is that it was oxidation and was sprayed with some kind of fda or food safe paint (if there’s such thing).

My health inspector did not have any problems or issues with it.

i bought an old stainless shelf a while back, it was rusty and oxidized… i just took a few of those green scratch pads and “barkeepers friend” and cleaned the crap out of it… got about 95% off.

Now I also have an old aluminum attachment for a Hobart mixed… it’s extremely oxidized. I had to call Hobart about it, they told me to get a liquid cleaner, can’t remember the name of it though, and use it… should take all the oxidation off. I never got a chance to do it though.