- - Repeat Returns

Has anyone used Repeat Returns? Genuinely wondering if this program works from a REAL owner not a representative or a spammer…

Previous owner used them, kept them for about 6 months or so. My market just did not make it worth it.

I would really like to know as well, switched to Revention 2 weeks ago and need to decide on my new rewards program for my customers.

I have used them for 7 years ( Repeat Returns took my 1 year old pizzeria from 12,000 a month to 50,000 a month in less that 6 months! It works!) and just recently left them because it was too time consuming to enter the points if you don’t have Revention, and it costed 199.00 a month. I have Foodtec which has there own rewards and loyalty program (35.00 a month) which I use now. It works much easier and the customers enjoy the ease of the online ordering because they can see their points total and seems like they order more when they see that they are getting close to their reward gift.

Thanks Tony! Does anyone use it that has Revention? I know there is a process you need to follow to add an online ordering customer to repeat returns, or someting like that. Can the customer know how many points they have when they are placing their online order?


I use Revention, adding a customer to RR was extremely easy in revention. You just add RR in one of the fields on the customer screen. You do have to add the RR information into one of the manager menu’s, then everything will tie together.

To look up customer information or add them manually, you have to install a widget onto your pos computers.

As for customers seeing how many points they have, at the time they could not do that. There was a way, but i do not remember how. Thru the widget tho, a employee could look up anyones points with ease.

I have Foodtec as well and use their loyalty program which is excellent. Be aware though that as more customers sign up it will go from $50/month to $100 and cap at $150/month. Do you use any type of cards and do you scan them for dine-in or takeout?

No I don’t use any cards, and the loyalty customers will tell us if they are a loyalty member and we will add the points them. When they call to place an order there phone # acts as there card, real easy.

I love it and use it. I wish the integration with Revention was better, but it works pretty well and the customers that are active with it love it.

For those who use a point system are you primarily delivery take out? I am 90 percent dine in, just curious if it’s more designed for delivery and take out.