Repeating Order back to customer

I’m editing all our procedures in an attempt to make things the best they can be. So I’m going to gather your expert advise on several subjects over the next month or so.

The first one is repeating the order back to the customer over the phone. My wife and I frequent a few local fast food places that do this on every order without fail. When you order they repeat it back, and when they hand you the food they repeat it again. I find it a bit annoying. We went one last night and ate in. I sat there and listened to probably 500 burger and fries repeated back as we ate. The employees are like robots.

We have very few mistakes. We remake about 5 to 10 pizzas a week and sell upwards of 10,000 a week. So is it worth it to repeat all these orders back for the 10 pizzas?


I am riding my cashiers every single day to repeat orders back to the customers before collecting payment to cut down on mistakes.
I am counter service only, and with the new EMV card procedures it is very difficult to edit a payment, so each mistake costs us financially and makes us look incompetent.
Our procedure is this, punch in customers food order, repeat it back, when it is correct the ticket goes to the kitchen before drinks are ordered or payment is taken,
It added a little time onto things, but it cut down incorrect orders by a huge amount

I think they should, for us anyway a deep dish takes 40 minutes really hurts when one is wrong!

I find it to be an annoying waste of time.

I really dont like when my staff yell out the customers entire order with every single detail to the obvious customer heres why,

I believe the customer could be embarresd on what they ordered and dont want their x-large steak and extra extra cheese with mayo and a side of pork rinds screamed out for the entire criwded lobby for everyone to hear.

Its like the pharmacy intercoming that your hemroid medication is ready, well maybe not that bad, but point is I can see it on customers faces it makes them uncomfortable.

The repeating order over the phone does provide order insurance-I guess…but no matter what–repeted back or not- the customer will still claim they did or didnt say whatever the mistake is.

So in conclusion I think its mostly a waste of time. I just make my order takers be so confident in their order taking abilities Id just trust them allday everyday

Ive had customers place their order ONLINE.
They come in and say I had the Large Mushroom Olive.
My online slip says Mushroom and Green Pepper, I show them the slip that they put through themselves tell me thats not what they ordered the computer messed up

Here is a good case for repeating the order at all stages of the process.

If you’re making 10,000 pizzas and only making a mistake on 10, I’d say you are doing just fine… If anything, we should be asking you to show us the secret!!

I’m sure there are more mistakes. We just hear about ten of them.

I think we are going to stick with the repeating order back at the time of the order. I’m still on the fence with repeating back to the customer at the point where we hand them the order.

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Id say your doing great, i would expect 10 per day at that level of sales

We repeat 99% of our orders back. Sometimes we do catch things that customers said wrong/they were too busy talking to the other person in the room and the cashier thought they heard them order X pizza and not Y pizza. I find that most places don’t in our area and feel it sets us apart further.

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This is why there’s an order confirmation email and a confirmation before you place your order!

We don’t usually get topping mix ups from online, but we do get a lot of wrong store orders because they don’t pick the right location to pick up from. Very frustrating

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We repeat the order back to the customer at the time they place the order. We do not repeat it back at the time they pick it up I find that to be pointless. All of my staff repeats back the order to the customer 100% of the time to avoid any unnecessary mistakes due to miscommunication between customer and staff. I even have a step by step breakdown of order taking for walkins pick ups and deliveries. Mistakes happen all the time why not have an extra safety guard against them that is as easy as repeating the order back to the customer that way both sides are confident that the order was taken correctly.

We repeat back the order when they order for the most part, unless it is a regular that we are comfortable with. Some customers I may repeat two or three times in the process because they have been problems or they themselves seem confused.
We normally don’t repeat the order back to the customer when handing to them unless we are verifying the customer is getting the right order. ( I am picking up an order, it should be under Bob or Joe or Linda)
Funny story, one of my confused customers called on night and ordered a couple of pizzas and sandwich for delivery. On the sandwich I heard him say he wanted tomatoes but no lettuce. I repeated that back to him twice. When he got the food he flipped out and called, he can’t stand to eat anything a tomato has touched. I offered to remake the sandwich but did point out that I had read the order back to him two times to confirm it was right. His explanation " I knew you said it wrong but I thought you would get it right when you made it"