Replacement Dough Boxes

Anything new on standard 18" X 26" X 3" boxes? We need to buy quite a few replacements and wondered if you might have suggestions for good boxes at good prices. Thanks,

Not sure how many you are looking for but there is a company out of Canada that we use called Orbis that will deliver straight to you. We last ordered in early 2020, we ordered 72 and paid $14.45 each plus $368 shipping. I’m not sure what it’s like now. You can email the model we use is the NPL604, they hold up very well.

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We order ours through Northern Pizza Equipment: Dough Mate Plastic Dough Trays

They’re very durable and have these nice raised tabs that help to keep a cross-stacked tower from toppling. Downside is that the side supports become places where oil/flour grunge can build up if the dish washers aren’t vigilant.

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