replacing burner in a blodgett deck oven

I get to replace a burner in one of my deck ovens. It doesn’t look extremely hard unless I’m missing something, but I have questions: 1)Do I have to remove the deck or can I go underneath it? 2)Will I need any special tools? 3)How long will this job take me 4)Any special tricks any one can lay out for me? Thank you in advance!


Assuming this is a gas burner? You don’t need to remove deck. You don’t need “special” tools. In theory, the whole operation should take less than an hour. BUT : There are always complications. I would really just call a pro to do it, $80 to $160 in labor will seem like a great deal if you try to do it yourself.

I agree with smeagol8

George Mills

So guys, I hired a pro, and had fun watching. The stuff I thought would be tough went very simply and easily… It was the small screws hidden behind the side walls that were the problem, and took the most time. I simply wouldn’t have the patience for this stuff