Replacing conveyor oven

Hello - I am replacing my Middleby Marshall conveyor pizza oven that is 25-30 years old. The ole girl has worked very well for me since I took over the restaurant 7 years ago, but has been having breakdowns recently. I have a turn & burn pizza and italian restaurant in RURAL Montana, that rocks it out in the peak tourist season. I’ve been researching along with my restaurant supplier types of conveyor ovens that fit in my extremely challenging limited footprint. The depth of the oven is the biggest challenge, redesigning the restaurant is not an option. Bottom line - 2 ovens fit the footprint, a Middleby Marshall 360g refurbished by Middleby, or a Zesto 6024. Looking for input on both types of ovens. Would really like US references on the Zesto made in Canada, and thoughts on refurbish ovens. I do operate in a rural area, and servicing can be a real challenge. Thanks a bunch

I can’t comment on the Zesto except to say I have never heard of it which would certainly give me pause. I suggest you call your parts supplier and see if they stock the common parts.

I also operate in a western resort market so I fully appreciate to do or die nature of making hay while the sun shines in the resort business. I end up ordering parts for my MM ovens about once a year and the supplier always has what I need on hand. I would not consider using an oven that I could not find parts for on an at-once basis. Not saying that is an issue with Zesto but it certainly is something I would consider before using a brand I have not heard of.

What about a wow 636?

Hi MTpete:

I suggest you check out the edge ovens as they cost less to run and are generally quieter than most and have a five year warranty’

George Mills

Thanks for review - The depth of the oven has to be no more than 47". I don’t think there is an Edge oven out there with that depth. Correct me if I am wrong. Also I prefer the longer belt on the conveyor as I am under the understanding production is faster, again correct me if not so. I do have a parts kit available always for my ovens, since I am so rural, problem is getting Tech to work on oven. Local Electrician ( note singlular -yep only one here) has not been able to work on oven when it went down last summer, and tech that does was tied up for the day elsewhere (100 miles away )and unfortunately couldn’t get here timely.

While I have seen the ad that Middleby runs saying “the new PS 360G Wowfits in the same front/back footprint as the PS 360S” but their website tells another story: According to their bebsite, the new PS 360G is 57.5" from back of oven to front of window making it very slightly larger from front to back than an Edge 60 and too large to fit where you need it.

My suggestion: Go with a doublestack of the old style 360’s either refurbished or not. You are foolish to have one oven only that puts you out of business every time it breaks down. There are a lot of mechanical parts on conveyor ovens and $hit happens, moreso when you’re unprepared for it. I would feel much more comfortable with two used working ovens than a single “refurbished” oven, or even a single new oven for that matter. Depending on the size of your most popular pizzas, the added 8 inches of width of the Middleby conveyor belt will do a whole lot more to help capacity issues than the 5.5" extra of length of the the Zesto cook chamber.

I certainly agree with the double stack suggestion. In fact I never noticed that the discussion was about a single oven. I would not consider running with a single oven even though I only need both at the same time about 10 days a year. We have had ovens go down but never both at once thank goodness!

I have a double stack zesto CG6032 for sale in seattle

not sure on the depth but they are only 7 years old and cook great have never let me down.

We closed that store and they are forsale

Edit: they are 50" deep