Replacing our True Pizza Prep

We are currently looking to replace our True Pizza Prep table. It has served us well for over ten years, but its time is coming so we want to replace it before it breaks. We have been doing a lot of research and can not decide between a La Rosa or a Randell. We have heard and read that the La Rosa are built great, but we worry that it does not have a drain and that clean up will be a pain. Our True is forced air so we do not have to defrost our top rail. How much water gets frozen up there? Does it take a long time to clean every morning? We have also read good things about the Randells, and they have a drain which seems like it would make clean up easier. So I am asking for your input on which would be best, how important is a drain, and how well built are the Randells?

My Randell has held up very well for the four years I have had it. Only problem I had was a switch go bad. As far as the drain, mine has probably only been opened a few times in the four years I have had it. I wouldn’t decide which table to buy based upon a drain.

Hi Pizza crazy:

The La Rosa and the Randell units have shut off switches to turn off the cooling to the condiment rail at night. that pretty much precludes a lot of condensation to drain off .
George Mills

I recently replaced my True with a Kairak BLU after seeing them in Las Vegas. Built like a tank and the top rail uses a glycol system that requires no defrosting. The pre-filter system for the condenser is a great function too. Plus a 3/5 year warranty. So far so good.

I took a good hard look at the Randell and ultimately decided to pass on them. I visited several shops in my area that had them in place for several years and they were unhappy with them due to the poor construction. Basically the stainless was thin and was warping and denting pretty fast, similar to what my True did, they looked pretty beat up after just a few years use.

I have 2 LaRosa units and they are built like tanks too, but I passed on them too as defrosting the unit at the end of every night was a major pain, especially without a drain. I figured the LasRosa or similar would cost me about $1000 in extra labor each year if we spent 15-20 minutes dealing with it every night.