reply and info on ovens

thanks for your reply. i know i was a little vague in my question. by gourmet , i meant made like most of us here in france for example, small artisan , but delicious topping either cooked before mixed with great sauces and cheeses , etc…
for prices, what do you call gourmet prices. i know there is an exageration of french restaurants charging expensive prices in the us.saw that in las vegas , california and arizona, does not work well in france for example as people have little or less money available than here in the usa. so we have to be more resourceful and creative. small is our logo.
for the baking . no wood fire oven ever. we have excellent top of the line electric deck ovens like oem zenith or even top of the line pizza group. they both use pizza stones and have a 800 f with control of lower and top temperature{ also called modular ovens }. wood ovens are dying out due to the cost of wood, the lack of reliability and difficulty for baking evenly, and the european norms , no more wood oven allowed in new stores. commercially, electric is becoming the preferred oven more and more as they have evolved quite a bit.

i can’t seem to find anything like that in the usa or in this website . do you know what i am talking about , and if yes, can you point me in the right direction?

thanks again . you are always very helpful.

Hi Angel:
Your memo is not very clear :
Are you looking for an oven?
Gas is the best source of heat here in the USA.
The question, as always, is How many pizzas will you wish to produce during your busiest hour. That will determine What size oven to use.

George Mills

sorry. this was meant to add to my other question. no, i want only electric. no gaz. a 4 pizza deck will do the trick .
with modular heat .
is that all you guys have here in the usa. gaz is not my first choice.
i ve seen blodgett, and others , and i was not impressed.

this was meant for tom lehman. that is why it is confusing

Again sir:

If you are looking for oven suggestions please indicate how many pizzas per busiest hour you hope to produce and what size pizza do you think will be your best selling and what size will be your largest pizza?

There are single deck pizza ovens that can bake four 6 in pies at once and others that can bake four 18 in or perhaps you wish to bake four 24 in pizzas at once.

There are ovens that can bake the 4 pizzas of the size you select at the rate of 12 per hour others that can bake pizzas at the rate of up to 100 per hour if, say, they are 12 in pizzas you intend to bake

The reason gas ovens are the overwhelming oven of choice in the USA is that. Gas ovens are vastly less costly to operate. Gas ovens have much faster temperature recovery. Many modern gas ovens can hold the temperature in the oven to a consistent 3 degree variation and when gas combines with oxygen a little water vapor is produced that helps to keep the product that is being baked from drying out.

I have placed thousands of pizza ovens nation wide and cannot think of any reason for using electric over gas except in the case of small counter top ovens or if in some rare instances gas is not available.

You apparently have reasons for using electric ovens, perhaps you could indicate the same so others who read this forum may use your information when making future decisions.

I know of no gourmet or specialty pizza operations using electric ovens but there probably are some. If there are it would be interesting to hear from them.

George Mills

thanks for your reply. i was aware of the reasons. i still think the usa market is more geared towards production than quality overall. i went to try what was said on magazines and on books in the usa, for the best pizzas in the country , and i was overall disapointed.
why not gaz here in europe. first insurance is more expensive. also we use tri-phase electric. not just the 220v, also no variations in temperature and last, the cost ,
the cost here in the usa for ovens are quite overpriced . seems like everybody has the best , but at what price.
for the experience. that water you mentioned about the gaz release for dehydration is a good argument , 10 years ago. not anymore.
tried gaz and did not see any difference .
it all depends how long your pizza bake inside.
with modular oven, you can control bottom and top temp independently.
i am not saying don’t use gaz. but , by george, this is far to be the only way to best bake pizza. and let’s not mention conveyor ovens . those are great for production, but total crap for details .
it 's a little bit like cars , still behind in the usa, more consumption, and see what happens when the gaz goes up.
the interest of a few{ corporations} do not reflect the interest of many.

that is why i was pointing the electric. way safer and another alternative for baking. great to bake 6 or 10 pizzas at the time . double deck .
even in itlay , where they call the world championship , some of us who participated and won prices were using electric. with a small one pizza oven from pizza group for example and were beating wood ovens and others .

time has changed, and so technology.
but if you say i can’t find electric here , or what i was describing, i might have to import it .

Hi Angel:

I was not saying you could not find electric ovens in the USA but just indicating why the vast majority of American shops use gas.

If you prefer to bake with electric that’s fine.

There are many electric ovens being offered in the USA , I would be happy to suggest some for your consideration. But again the size of the pizzas you will be baking and maximum hourly production are vital factors factors in oven selection.

George Mills

thanks . looking for a 4 to 6 pizzas at the time for 12’’ size . deck oven , modular if it exists.
since i am conservative. i stick to that .
the great thing about deck, is if you grow , you can add a second or even third. but being consevative on employees as well. i would say that a 4 to 6 pizza at once is max for me.
let me know . thanks

Hi Angel
Try these web sites. … /index.php … /index.php … intage.pdf

George Mills

We changed from two electric Bakers Pride 514 deck ovens to an electric Doyon PIZ6 a few months ago. It is an amazing oven. Produces a perfect bake with a touch of blackening on the very tips of tomatoes/peppers etc
almost giving the appearance of a wood fired oven baked pie. I do not have a negative to give you on this oven.

This oven comes from Italy and if you call Dino he can tell you all about the electric two deck he makes.

I have the gas version with four decks and it is just as advertised. No tending, turning pizza, or hot spots. It is a very efficient oven that cooks great all day long. I have done 180 pizza’s per hour before with less than 10 degree heat drop.