Request for bread recipes/formulas

Anyone have bread formulas they are willing to share? I have a good basic white and hoagie . . . I am looking for more artisnal or specialty breads like Oat Molasses or semolina or parmesan olive bread or any others.

I am looking at baking some interesting loaves for sandwiches and specialty items. not so much pizza crust ideas. I am building a repertoire to decide which ways to go. Could be a business plan element in this line of research, but not sure yet. I do have Professional Baking which has helped me develop crazy bread skill . . . so now I’m hoping to expand with successful recipes that I can try and then adapt for my own.

Solid gold would be direction to a resource of professional bakery recipes for production. So, individuals with formulas and a big honking resource for production formulas are my Memorial Day wishes. :slight_smile:

And some way to get a hold of a culture of WA Dave’s sour starter. That’s a tall order this far away, though.

Homeland Security may have something to say about that. :mrgreen:

Could always have him sneak it into Canada to Daddio and then a quick backwoods border crossing exchange… something along the movie “Canadian Bacon” I am thinking… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dave…just make sure you label the package in both English & French as too not raise any red flags if Daddio is stopped and questioned!!! :shock:

Have you tried Some great bread recipes.

Here is one for an oatmeal bread.
Flour (12.0 to 12.8% protein) 100%
Salt 2%
IDY 1.5%
Honey 5%
Butter 6%
Rolled oats 25%
Water 73% (variable)

Put water in mixing bowl, add the honey, then the remainder of dry ingredients. Mix at low speed 2-minutes, then at medium speed until a smooth dough is achieved. Target dough temperature is 75 to 80F. Set the dough aside and allow to ferment for 90-minutes, then remix until the dough comes smooth. Scale and ball the dough. Set aside and allow to proof for about 20-minutes, then mould/shape and pan for loaf bread. Final proof for approximately 60-minutes, then bake at 425F for approximately 25-minutes. Depan and allow to cool for at least 60-minutes or until the internal loaf temperature reaches 100F before bagging. Slice as needed at the time of making the sandwich.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I cannot thank both of you enough!

The recipe is just waht was looking for . . . and the link is a wealth of stuff to pour over and learn. I’m finding there is so much (isn’t there always?) to learn about bread baking craft. It’s been satisfying and fun digging into alpha amalayse and all that.

You’re absolutely correct!
I’ve been at this for over 50-years, and I’m still learning something new just about every day.
My words on knowledge:
Fear not the man who says he doesn’t know everything, but fear most the man who says he knows everything, as he knows not what he doesn’t know.

Some of the greater achievements of those who knew everything were as follows:
The U.S. Patent Office was proposed to be closed as everything inventable had already been invented.
The earth was proclaimed to be flat.
We know how both of those turned out!
Have a great day!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Ok Tom…so this “proclaimed” flat Earth thingy… what exactly are you trying to say here? You been in the flour dust again? :wink: It is my understanding that the Earth is like a pizza. Flat, round, has peaks and valleys, there is a crust and a hot layer of magma… ie: sauce… can burn if left in the heat too long… and has a limitless number and types of toppings! Damn I think this was a great one! So Deacon…help me out here… God took 6 days to perfect his recipe and then ate his pizza on the 7th? :idea:

So Nick, does this mean you are getting back into the business?

Let’s say I am being recruited. No chance I can start-up or buy my own place right now. Flexible operation in a small market. Could be a multiple opportunity sort of thing. I’d be in the kitchen and less of an ownership responsibility.

And I have a friend who would absolutely LOVE to start a BBQ joint outside Atlanta in a suburb . . . but not confident enough to be the money end of the stick. The two of us would absolutely dominate as partners, but in due time I suppose. I just can’t shake this bug of being in the foodservice business.