Request to the masses for assistance on eBay

I found a listing while perusing for used pizza ovens. The seller is listing ovens as 961 pizza ovens, when in fact the picture is of a double stack of Blodgett 981’s. I believe this to be true based on the nearly 30 hours I spent this week reaching into the one in my shop :smiley: Then there is the other 4 year history in my shop to consider. I digress.

I contacting the seller to advise that I believe his model number to be wrong (961 has one baking chamber and one fire chamber). He sent back directions for me to Google “blodgett 961 double stack oven”. I know this is a tiny nuisance, but I am thinking of a pizza shop looking for a 961 oven, double stacked, to upgrade or start out, and getting hooked into this possibly serviceable, but by no means optimal, 981 baking/roasting deck configuration.

If anyone has the inclination to help me educate this one buyer about the error of his listing . . . or even to tell me I am a nutter who is completely wrong . . . the item is … 0207081540 and ends 12/28/07. It just grinds me when people intentionally or unintentionally sell equipment without doing due diligence (same with buying it). George?

I figure this is a tiny chance to save someone a little fool’s tax along the line. Heck, he could market this oven to a bakery as a kick-@ss setup for breads and cakes and such. Leave the pizza part off.

nick ebays is loaded with items like that buyer beware


Sorry Nick got to this one a little late.
You are correct the oven shown is a 981 bake and roast oven. It is apparent by the location of the thermostat. On the 961 the control panel is within a couple inches of the top on the 981 it is 6 in or more below the top. It is hard to tell from the photo but it appears the oven shown has 6 doors, a 961 has 4. A 961 oven is also a bake and roast oven not a pizza oven .
They make a 911-P that is a pizza oven but not a very good one at only 27000 BTU the 961-P is a pizza oven but also under powered at 50000 BTU. In my opinion a deck pizza oven should be 120000 BTU or better.

George Mills


I understand the BP Y600 and 800 series are good workhorse deck oven systems. If one were to insist on using decks, are there others that are good considerations? I expect to be upgrading out of my non-pizza 981 early next year into a used deck solution (gas powered). Still want the decks . . . your input and anyone else’s would be very valuable to me.

Hi Nick:

I would go with the Y 600 from bakers pride. They are very difficult to find used. Suggest you start looking now.

George Mills