Requirements for obligatory information on receipts

Can anybody help with the information regarding the obligatory information to be printed on receipts (tickets)? Like the name of legal entity, identification number, date etc
Is there some document regulating that?
Also are there different type of printers for different taxation schemes? For delivery/ restaurant?

I do not believe there are any legal requirements for a specific format or what must be included.

what we have is each item name/total, sub-total, tax amount, total and our contact info at the bottom.

What POS system are you using, & what printers? I can program our logo and QR codes right into our printers so they print on each receipt without hogging PC resources. (Star printers are my main choice, with Samsung too)

We use our proprietory POS system and we can put anything on the receipt but in my experience (in Russia) different taxation schemes require different printers and there are certain requirements to the information on the receipt.
So I wanna make sure it’s not the case in the US :slight_smile: Are there different type of Star or Samsung printers altogether?

I thought it would be great having 2-color thermal printers, and they do work great to make certain items stand out of tickets, BUT! There are no more paper mills making 2-color thermal paper anymore, so I got screwed there. I also have 2-color impact printers, the ribbons wear out so quickly, plus they are loud & slow! those ink cartidges were costing me more than my fancy 2-color thjermal paper. So got hosed there too.
My next purchase is going to be a Samsung SRP500 2-color inkjet receipt printer, I am prepared to get hosed on ink cartridge cost with those. But, they (allegedly) use HP cartridges, but I cannot find a cross reference chart to verify and find a cheap source yet.
My star printers are the TSP113 models and the SP700 models, some usb, some ethernet

I just use thermal printers. If i need something to stand out i make sure it is bold. :wink:

Yeah, I tried that. I found that BOLD & RED is what I found works the best for “Add” Promise time/dates, & service type or things will get missed and cause huge issues.
The we also do it on customer receipts, we have their order number in big, bold, red & underlined, even had the cashiers circling their number with little improvement.