Rest Depot ????

Went to Vegas saw RD there asked for a price list they say they don’t have one ???

So my question is to the small town guys have you used them and if so what was the consistency on pricing

i am 2hrs from the closest to me I happened to go by today and check them out their prices seem reasonable but the big diff I saw was Shredded Mozz was 2.14 a lb I haven’t seen that price in about 3yrs gonna try it out this weekend

any comments?

Probably not even close to relating but I believe I am getting a great price of $3.78LB
for 17% Mozz here in Canada. Sysco can’t touch that price. That is a “in the brick” price. Shredded/bagged would be another 30-35% higher than that. I know your cheese is cheaper in the USA but is it that much cheaper??
Makes me really question if you want to put that cheese on your pie.

LOVE them…and use them about every 3 months. We’re also about 2 hours away so it’s a matter of building up my list, then loading up the van. Some folks might “poo-poo” it but I can show them that I save enough JUST on the dried basil I buy to pay for my trip. The savings on the rest of my purchases are just money in my pocket.

I also like the fact that my sales reps from the 3 distributors I purchase from cringe when I share my savings with them! I’ve been lobbying RD to build one down here in my neck of the woods but so far…2 hours is it!

As for the pricing remaining consistent from trip to trip, it’s like anywhere else and it will go up, and down, with the market trends. But the one thing that does remain constant is the fact that I am never leaving there without paying for my trip, dinner…and a nice “savings” in my checkbook to boot.

It’s true they do not issue a price list for you. I’m not sure why truthfully b/c it’s pretty evident that unlike the distributors the RD pricing is the same for whoever walks in their doors. I suppose it’s strictly a decision they made knowing that once you start pulling that flatbed around, you’re going to fill it up…unless you have an item by item price guide with you. And that brings me to my last point. I never go in without having a price list in my hand that I put together based on my cost from my outside distributors. I find that I use the same 25 or so items, (I only buy dry goods there b/c of distance) so I simply do an old-fashioned legal pad “spreadsheet” and go shopping.

I know you can get a one time “membership” if you wanted to just walk the aisles, and a std. membership is free and available to register for on their website.

If you want, PM me and I’ll be happy to send you a list of what I bought last week, and what I paid…

Ya gotta watch them when you are getting cheese. Often times I will make a run to depot cuz of a busy weekend…I will see the cheese price and get all worked up cuz my rep is ripping me off only to find out when I check out the price is higher and after questioning its because they have not had a chance to update sign. phhhhhh.

I’ve been using RD for several years, for nearly all my purchases…I don’t use a traditional vendor @ all, but get a few odd ball items from SAMs, like Ranch, broccoli & spinach…
They’re compatible on cheese, in my market, if you like the house brand (Saputo) or Sorrento…we buy brick & shred

We’re a ‘discount’ pizza operation but still manage to keep our food costs around 30%…couldn’t do that otherwise…

I’m very satisfied with the general quality, but I also buy brand names for many things, like All Trump/18.56…

I’ve sold food in the past and it’s simple economics…the rep needs to get paid and there are delivery costs…your time has value and you provide the delivery expense…

We have 2 vendors plus Sams and Walmart.
I go to RD about once a week and spend $500-$700
it’s a 35 minute drive
almost everything I buy there I could get somewhere else for a little more $
pricing is pretty consistent


We have been paying between $1.70 and $1.75 for LMPS 100% mozz in blocks for the last several months. $2.15 does not sound like any kind of a deal to me!

I went online and set up the membership for the location in Denver but have not had a chance to get down there yet. (about 175 miles away) but I am looking forward to checking it out. In the end, the prices would have to be pretty outstanding to make it worth fooling around with.

$1.70-$1.75 is pretty darn cheap. I’ve been paying $2.06 for the last couple of months (Della Vita from FSA).

I could get it a little cheaper, but the manufacturer of the cheaper stuff (California Gold from Cisco) can’t seem to keep from getting holes in his packaging and sending moldy cheese to his customers (which is probably why it’s cheaper).

Average CME price on block for the last 120 days has been about $1.50. Paying ~20 cents more than CME block has always been my benchmark. Sometimes it has been a little less… sometimes a bit more. It does help to shop the prices between more than one vendor to keep them honest.