rest start up

does anyone have a copy of Restaurant Startup Checklist
I have a pick up delivery unit and thinking of upsizing and would really like to see this checklist but I do not need the 12.00 a month and 100.00 (ACTIVATION FEE)

I don’t know about that? You want to make your living selling pizza so why not let them make their living by selling their product?

dont mind paying them for there list if they would sell it too me, but I dont need there whole package right now…If that makes sence

I am sure there is someone out there that has a good checklist they might want to share that is why we have this board. I asked for a evaluation form and yes I could have bought one from about 2000 companys on the net but I wanted pizza peoples ideas and got a number of them and then produced my own. So lets help this guy out if we can!

I would also love this, it is something that stresses me out, making sure I have everything. If anyone has this I would love it if they shared.

I made a list a while ago. if i find it, i’ll be glad to send it to you

Well, we can always start a list. How about this… I’ll start (and I’m sure I’ll miss 2 or 3 dozen things so don’t be too hard on me). If you feel there’s something I left out, simply copy my post and paste it with your addition into the response. Let’s try to get this list in a chronological order and make sure numbering is correct. -J_r0kk


  1. Hire an accountant
  2. Form your business entity (c-corp, s-corp, LLC, etc.)
  3. Draw up business plan
  4. Obtain a loan from bank (if needed)
  5. Go to architect, get plans drawn up (if build-out is needed)
  6. Bring 3 copies of plans to the city for approval.
  7. Contact Health Dept. and submit a copy to them for their approval.
  8. Obtain a building permit.
  9. Set an opening date with your contractor (should be around 4-6 weeks)
  10. Order signage
  11. Put in equipment order
  12. Order “Opening Soon”, “Now Hiring” banners
  13. Order POS system
  14. Obtain an insurance agent to insure your business
  15. Apply for cereal malt license (or liquor license)
  16. Set up accounts with all your suppliers (food, beverage, uniforms)

Construction phase

  1. Hang “Opening Soon”, “Now Hiring” banners
  2. Post applications on front door
  3. Make sure your cell phone is charged (you’ll be making a couple calls)
  4. Start entering your menu into your newly obtained POS system
  5. Get all utilities turned on. (Except gas. That’s after final inspection).
  6. Install phone system
  7. Run Cat-5 cabling for computers
  8. Run phone lines for phones and install
  9. Hang ALL signage (pole sign, building sign, window graphics)
  10. Order car top signs (HTH, inc.)
  11. Get menus printed
  12. Stay in contact with contractor to make sure he’s on schedule

2 Weeks Before Opening

  1. Send out press release
  2. Get an advertising game plan in order
  3. Set up special events for Grand Opening
  4. Order streamers
  5. Order “Now Open!” banner
  6. Order spotlights
  7. Set up pizza eating contest with local High School football team
  8. Start hiring and training crew
  9. Finish POS install project and install computers
  10. Set up final Health Dept. inspection.
  11. Buy Shelving
  12. Buy de`cor
  13. Buy storage containers and dough trays
  14. Order business cards
  15. Buy misc. smallwares and cleaning supplies (and trash cans)
  16. Install all equipment (including hood system) and tables
  17. Paint
  18. Buy “Open” sign

1 Week To Go

  1. Drop advertising to hit day before opening
  2. Print “Test Run” cards and doorhang them (only 100 cards)
  3. Get final inspection, turn on gas
  4. Final construction clean-up
  5. Train employees in the store
  6. Pass out uniforms
  7. Make sure all employee paperwork is complete (I-9’s, W-4’s)
  8. Install fountain machine
  9. Order food (dry goods first, perishable at end of week)
  10. Set up inventory inside store
  11. Prep food
  12. Run your “Test Run” night a couple days before opening
  13. Press release announcing store opening
  14. Set up restaurant, including any marketing materials and business cards.

1 Day To Go

  1. Final prep
  2. Make sure dough is in walkin 2 days before opening
  3. Hang Streamers
  4. Pizza eating contest (have newspaper there)
  5. Ensure ads hit TODAY!
  6. Bring flyers to local hotels, schools, convenience stores announcing opening.

Opening Day

  1. Hang “Now Open” banner
  2. Get spotlights hooked up
  3. Balloons, Balloons, Balloons
  4. All special events that were set up should be activated
  5. Stop stressing, breathe.

J-Rokk put up a great list, but I would not have a grand opening until after a month of open to the public. This type of soft opening with little advertising will allow you to get all of the kinks out and tweak all of your systems. Remember, you are trying to win customers over and 1st impressions mean everything…it will take years to overcome the bad stigma of a poorly managed GRAND OPENING!

Just my opinion though

Good Luck