anyone use it

I signed up for because wife thought it would be a great way to bring in new business but what I have found is that people that are buying gift certificate really don’t understand how it works and we spend a 5 to 10 minutes explaining it them . also one of the issues is that we are only a DELCO not a sit down place so they are upset at the 18% forced tip

not to be a smartass, but maybe you should have read up on it better, and seen that 18% as a huge problem.

Can’t blame the customer for something like that. told me that they would not be able to work with me since I was only a Delco and their model is built on dine-in. I wasn’t heartbroken by this as I didn’t think I would sign up anyway. If you are unhappy with them, you may want to talk to the rep and let them know that your store doesn’t necessarily fit their demographic.

Just out of curiosity, how many of the users come in expecting to be able to dine-in?

no worries
I get it , but the person buying it is not really sure what they are buying , the assume its like regular gift card where the can just buy 24 dollars worth of stuff for a 25 dollar gift certificate but with this coupon you have to spend atleast 35 dollars . I was also just wondering if anyone else was using it and what they thought of it

i would say four out of 10 think we are dine in ,I am thinking of creating a breakdown sheet explaining how works and give them to the customers

I think you should stop it all together as it really does not fit and at some point the rep that set this up for you should have seen this. I would stop immediately and just let the cards that are already out there be used up and make a special offer for those that bought them and now realize they are not what they expected. You need to turn this new-found business into a positive and not just hand them a sheet to explain how their purchase to visit you now has restrictions and rules. You now have first and last time customers that are leaving with only the bad taste of a promotion in their mouths and not really caring about the food or service. You lost them at “Hear is the sheet to tell you how to spend your discounted cards!” Be careful with this one.

We are a delco as well and use and it has generated some pretty good traffic, in spite of the restrictions. That said, it has not been without a some confusion.

Keep in mind that the “Fine Print” is a stipulation placed there by and you are free to enforce the requirements or not. By the time your customer calls or walks in the door, already has their money… It’s up to you to collect yours i.e. require the $35 min and/or force the 18%.