Restaurant Delivery Success Guide

Full disclosure, I work for Granbury/Thr!ve POS and wanted to share this piece of content we created with some of our clients that have really perfected their delivery operations. I thought others might find this expertise helpful.

Delivery is one of the most important (and complicated) aspects of any restaurant operation.If you are counting on delivery as a key part of your restaurant’s success, you need to count on the right technology to help. In this free guide you’ll learn:
[]How a restaurant point-of-sale system that’s focused on delivery can help you improve customer service, maintain better profitability, and manage deliveries effectively.
]What decisions you need to make before starting delivery to help you succeed.
[]How to set up your delivery system effectively.
]Common ways drivers lose your money - and how to stop it
[*]How to wow customers with a great delivery experience.
Includes Point-of-Sale Checklists for each topic - to help you make smart decisions about your software!

can you include latest marketing strategies with delivery success guide.