Restaurant Depot Brand Products

Just thought Id share a few of the items Ive tried from Restaurant Depot and give ratings based on comparable brand name items.

Straight cut fries 3/8in (Big C)-vs Cavendish
Excellent great taste and price

Spicy fries (Big C) vs Cavendish
Excellent great taste and price

Mac and Cheese bites (Big C)vs Anchor
Terrible wouldnt serve these

Brocolli cheese bites (Big C)vs Anchor
Great, good menu addition

Cannoli shells vs Golden Cannoli
Meh, golden cannoli are much better

Liquid margarine Vs Whirl

Garlic spread
No bueno

Mozzarella sticks Vs Fry foods

Pizza sauce(Mama Isabella) vs Stanislauss Saporito

Have you ever tried Len’z best flour instead of all trumps. Its $5 cheaper.

No I havent tried it. A big (huge actually) component of my RD trips is weight of product and how much $$ it saves me to lug it back myself… flour prices in my area are about $1 less at RD vs having it delivered. Id need about 10 bags a week, itd take up a ton of room on my cart and be a pain to load and unload

I’ll load up on crushed red pepper packets, usually half the price I get from either FSA or Roma. Spices as well, and paper goods. Its an hour drive so it’s a matter of what products will save me the most for the amount of space they take up in the car.

Are you using these in a fryer? Or baked through oven? (fries, cheese bites, sticks)


Hey December there are 3 different types of mozz sticks at RD. which ones did you buy?

3 different types of the BigC

They are all great, I use the thick battered mozz sticks, because the breaded ones get soggy and they are more prone to pop and they dont have the nice plate coverage or takeout container coverage as the thick battered ones I buy. We sell 40lbs of mozz sticks a week great profit super easy and customers buy them all day long

Thank you, I’ll buy that one then. I just got a “Perfect fryer” Installed today. Thawed deck oven wings suck, and take ten minutes. I am going to start frying wings, mozz sticks.