Restaurant Depot

Does anyone know if restaurant depot carries ice machines you can buy on site and take? Our ice machine died and would like to get one tomorrow…

We have only been there once and can’t remember seeing equipment but it’s been awhile.



Oh yeah…are they open sundays?

The one I go to sells a little bit of equipment and I’m 90% sure they have ice machines. I’d check the website for store hours, I know the one I use has very limited hours on Sundays.

Good luck!

I’m not sure but you could call them to find out …

Kris, make the call to your local store. In the Chicago area we’ve been in two of their locations…both at opposite ends of the scale. One store, the closest to us, is older, more crowded and b/c of space carries very little equipment on hand. Another of their locations is in a former Menard’s lumber store and is huge, clean, well stocked, and carries a wide line of equipment including…(I believe) ice makers.

One call to your local branch will confirm it all.

I’m told one can also lease an ice machine as well, you might consider that if it means quicker service.