Restaurant Design

I was just wanting to ask the question of how important people in this forum feel design of interior is. I have had our logo and other various things professionally designed and am thinkin about an interior design. I live in an area of the country where we dont get many new things. I believe there is success to be had in bringing a new design or basically a design you have to travel over 100 miles from here to experience at a restuarant. our building is old and we have made many improvements but i was just wondering if anyone has a similar experience and maybe had “bottom line” success with a major change? Also has anyone used anyone they would recommend?

Hi Amicos:

There does not appear to be a lot of information on your subject out there.

Layout and design is our field. When it comes to decor and furniture design we use MCS. they are not basically a decor outfit but do a good job of incorporating that with the furniture and other mill work items they manufacturer
To see some of their work go to. … eriors.htm

George Mills

I attribute some of our success to our decision to involve an architect in our build out. It keeps our restaurant from looking like a strip-mall cheap. I shopped around and found someone to do our architecture and engineering for under 5k. Our theme is “doors” (Next Door Pizza - get it) and he was able to incorporate doors in the entire design of the restaurant. I think it helps brand us and provide a comfortable atmosphere with a better flow than my contractor would have come up with. I think it’s money very well spent FWIW.


Hi Patrick

The use of an architect is now required in virtually every jurisdiction.

In the past our plans were sufficient for the contractors to draw their permits and architects were only required if the structural components of a building were to be altered.

Very few architects have extensive food service experience. Most will hire a company like ours, to do the equipment layout, plumbing and electrical rough in plan for the equipment and a ventilation plan and air balance plan.

When we do a job we do the above planing and then have an architect do his portion and seal the plans.

Many companies ,like ours do, not charge for their plans if they get the equipment order

Some architects will also hire an interior decor designer to do that portion of a project.

George Mills