Restaurant Flooring

What is everybody using for flooring in their restaurant? I’m probably past due for a floor overhaul and looking for ideas on how to do it … well as cheap as possible :)… Right now I’v got the vinyl tile squares and they just look absolutely horrible, unless somebody comes in strips, waxes, and polishes once every couple of months.

So what is a good cheap, long lasting floor, that looks good? :slight_smile: If there is such a thing. Oh low maintenance also. hehe.


sealed concrete works for me

Me too. My kitchen is sealed with an epoxy based paint designed for garage floors.

Although we are not open and are still in the design phase, we are looking at stained/acid washed and sealed concrete at this point. We have given some thought about some type of abrasive for the kitchen area.

I have a two-part, 100% solids epoxy system that just arrived via FedEx for my kitchen and dish washing areas. We’ll pressure wash, etch and paint the epoxy on per instructions with little color chips and some grit to reduce slipping.

Dining and pantry areas are also concrete and will be decorated by a local artist with stain, then sealed with a clear 1-part 65% solids epoxy (cheaper and available at Home Depot) or poly sealant. Hoping the epoxy works since it will last a lot longer all things being equal. We’ll use area rugs in winter to knock down some of the chill. Can hose it down or whatever to keep floors clean.

we used

They are graet in terms of communications and answering questions about their product. I have not installed it yet, so cannot tell you how it performs or installs. The instructions are really, really detailed, and they send you a kit with all the gadgets you could need to install the flooring. I paid about $900 for 750 sq feet delivered. I am installing it myself next week with a guy whose painted many floors.

We’re ceramic in the customer area, VCT in the kitchen. -J_r0kk

Check with your local health department!!!

We are gettign ready to replace our flooring in the kitchen/prep area and fortunately checked with the Health Dept. first. They have very specific requirements here. Other than concrete, we could ONLY use one of three floorings - seamless trowled-on epoxy (no paint), heat weleded solid sheet flooring, or porcelain/ceramic tile installed using thin-set - no mastic allowed. They also have very specific directions for the base cove.